Days 5 and 6 (83 and 98 Juggles) and the First Week of Juggling for Jude in Review









Here’s some math we did to review my first week of JUGGLING FOR JUDE:

Day 1: 94 Juggles

Day 2:  67 Juggles

Day 3: 132 Juggles

Day 4: 159 Juggles (New Record!)

Day 5: 83 Juggles

Day 6: 98 Juggles

Total of Daily Records so far:  633 Juggles  (average 105.5)

Total Money Raised for St. Jude Children’s Hospital as of this morning:  $2,407


Thank you for your support!


Day Four: NEW RECORD! 159 JUGGLES! (Plus why St. Jude Hospital is so Amazing)

It was my last day of soccer camp for a month today.  It was hot.  I got 50 on my first try. Then I found a lucky penny on the field, made a wish, and got 100 juggles.  I decided to try one more time.  I can’t believe it, but I got a new record of 159 juggles!

So far we have raised $1,927.  That’s almost $2,000!  I am feeling really excited and proud.  My mom was telling me about so many amazing things about St. Jude Hospital on the way to the field today, and I was really excited to help. I guess that makes all the difference!   Here are some facts about St. Jude that will help you see why your donation is so important.  I hope you can donate or pledge on my Facebook page today!  It could save another child’s life!



Day Three: 132 Juggles (ALMOST a new record). AND GO USA!

jugglingforjudeday3You never know what will happen until you try.  I was SUPER tired today after camp but hadn’t juggled for Jude yesterday and knew I should today. I got out there and wasn’t thinking I’d get very many. I ended up with 132 and you can see the video here.  That’s just a few less than my record of 136!  I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get my record, but I know I’m close to getting a new one. Plus, that’s 132 more for St. Jude Children’s Hospital! 

I’m excited about all of the support I’ve been getting. Thank you, and please donate if you can, or pledge a per-juggle dollar amount by commenting on any post on my Facebook page and then you’ll donate at the end of August.

BY THE WAY, WE ARE ALREADY UP TO OVER $1,700 raised!!!!!



Day Two High Score: 67. Plus Some Blogging to Get the Job Done.

jugglingforjudeblogging Yesterday was Day Two of Juggling for Jude.  This first week is going to be hard, because I have soccer camp every day. I play six hours of soccer in the sun, and I’m pretty tired when I get home. Yesterday I waited till almost bedtime and didn’t have the energy to walk to the field where I normally juggle.  Instead, I just went out into my backyard and did the best I could.  It was hard because my dad is doing a project out there on some kind of gym bike, and there wasn’t much space.  Plus my dog was being funny and distracting me. I gave it a few tries and got 67.  Then I was too tired to keep trying.  The important thing is that every juggle helps, since some people are pledging money based on my top scores each day. So even 67 gets more money for the kids with cancer!  As of this morning, we have raised $1,399 for St. Jude Hospital–in just TWO DAYS!!!!!!! 

Please keep spreading the word!  You can donate here or pledge a per-juggle dollar amount here, and then wait till the end of the summer when I post the total of all of my daily high scores.  THANK YOU!!


Day One High Score: 94 Juggles (plus a few thoughts)


Yesterday was my first official day of Juggling for Jude.  We were pretty busy, and I was rushing to get the juggling done before some family came over to watch the USA World Cup soccer game against Portugal.  I only had a few minutes, and to be honest, I was pretty tired.  But, I knew it was important to get the juggling done.  My first few tries were rocky, but I know from experience that you have to stick with it and not get frustrated.  After a couple of smaller numbers, I got a good streak and hit 94. It’s not a record but I was fine with that for today. You can see the video here.

  I was thinking that even if I’m tired, there are kids with cancer who need my help. 

Then I went home and watched that USA soccer game–that was amazing, but I sure wish they had won! 

Thanks for your support, and don’t forget to donate now or pledge a per-juggle dollar amount on my Juggling for Jude Facebook page!  Please tell your friends and family, too!

Day One in the Books!

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 9.24.10 PM








Less than 12 hours after launching Juggling for Jude, I’m the top online fundraiser on the St. Jude website! 

Thanks to everyone who donated today!  I did some juggling, and my mom will post the video and total some time tomorrow. 

Please tell your friends and family, so we can reach my goal of $15,000!  I know that’s a lot, but I think we can do it!