Day One High Score: 94 Juggles (plus a few thoughts)


Yesterday was my first official day of Juggling for Jude.  We were pretty busy, and I was rushing to get the juggling done before some family came over to watch the USA World Cup soccer game against Portugal.  I only had a few minutes, and to be honest, I was pretty tired.  But, I knew it was important to get the juggling done.  My first few tries were rocky, but I know from experience that you have to stick with it and not get frustrated.  After a couple of smaller numbers, I got a good streak and hit 94. It’s not a record but I was fine with that for today. You can see the video here.

  I was thinking that even if I’m tired, there are kids with cancer who need my help. 

Then I went home and watched that USA soccer game–that was amazing, but I sure wish they had won! 

Thanks for your support, and don’t forget to donate now or pledge a per-juggle dollar amount on my Juggling for Jude Facebook page!  Please tell your friends and family, too!

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