Day Two High Score: 67. Plus Some Blogging to Get the Job Done.

jugglingforjudeblogging Yesterday was Day Two of Juggling for Jude.  This first week is going to be hard, because I have soccer camp every day. I play six hours of soccer in the sun, and I’m pretty tired when I get home. Yesterday I waited till almost bedtime and didn’t have the energy to walk to the field where I normally juggle.  Instead, I just went out into my backyard and did the best I could.  It was hard because my dad is doing a project out there on some kind of gym bike, and there wasn’t much space.  Plus my dog was being funny and distracting me. I gave it a few tries and got 67.  Then I was too tired to keep trying.  The important thing is that every juggle helps, since some people are pledging money based on my top scores each day. So even 67 gets more money for the kids with cancer!  As of this morning, we have raised $1,399 for St. Jude Hospital–in just TWO DAYS!!!!!!! 

Please keep spreading the word!  You can donate here or pledge a per-juggle dollar amount here, and then wait till the end of the summer when I post the total of all of my daily high scores.  THANK YOU!!


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