Day Four: NEW RECORD! 159 JUGGLES! (Plus why St. Jude Hospital is so Amazing)

It was my last day of soccer camp for a month today.  It was hot.  I got 50 on my first try. Then I found a lucky penny on the field, made a wish, and got 100 juggles.  I decided to try one more time.  I can’t believe it, but I got a new record of 159 juggles!

So far we have raised $1,927.  That’s almost $2,000!  I am feeling really excited and proud.  My mom was telling me about so many amazing things about St. Jude Hospital on the way to the field today, and I was really excited to help. I guess that makes all the difference!   Here are some facts about St. Jude that will help you see why your donation is so important.  I hope you can donate or pledge on my Facebook page today!  It could save another child’s life!



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