Days 8 and 9: 114 and 112 Juggles Plus Fighting Through Frustration to Reach a Goal (My Dog Helps!)

Hollisandpeteandsoccer_Fotor Yesterday and today were both days that I didn’t exactly feel like juggling.  But in order to have some playdates I wanted to have, I decided to get the juggling done early in the day and not spend too much time on it.  Both days I was feeling tired and frustrated.  It was windy, and that makes it harder to juggle.  I got almost the same number each time–114 and then 112, and you can watch the videos here and here.  We have videotaped every day, so people know I’m really doing it!

I feel like it’s pretty great that I used to wonder if I’d ever make it to 100 juggles in a row, and now I get over 100 almost every day.  My goal is to get 200 by the end of Juggling for Jude on August 31st!  I think I can do it, if I keep pushing through the frustration times.  That’s the thing.  If you want to get better at something and make a difference in the world, you have to work hard and not let the frustration get to you.  And as you can see in this picture, having my awesome dog, Pete, with me to walk home always makes things better!  I recommend having a pet help you with your goals!

Thanks for you support of St. Jude Children’s Hospital–it’s an AMAZING place! Please donate if you can and be sure to LIKE my Facebook page, where you can also pledge a per-juggle dollar amount.

Thanks and Happy 4th!


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