More Hawaii Juggling with a New Record of 216! Plus, a Good Support Team is So Important!

GirlssippinginHawaiiI got another new record today! After 117 yesterday, today I broke the 200 mark for the second time ever and got to 216!!!!!

I am trying to stay focused during vacation, because each juggle will help one of the brave kids at St. Jude Hospital!  One of the things that helps me most is having a good support team. Of course my parents are there watching my juggles every day, but the one who really deserves a big thank you is my sister.  She is so patient when I have to juggle every morning.  She helps count my juggles and doesn’t complain that she is dying to go to the beach, even though I know she is.  Sharing a favorite smoothie is the least I can do to thank her.  We are all doing this to help kids at St. Jude.

Please remember that every bit helps, even if you can’t give a lot.  You can donate here or go to my Juggling for Jude Facebook page to make a pledge.  I am definitely getting higher daily records than my mom thought I would, so keep that in mind if you do a pledge! 🙂 Please tell your friends about Juggling for Jude, too! They can help by donating, liking my Facebook page, and telling everyone they know!

Thanks for your support!


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