Days 18 and 19: 85 and 120 Juggles. Plus MORE THAN $8,000 RAISED and the Best Donation Yet!

HollisandpeterelaxWOW!  Thanks to all of you amazing people, we have raised more than $8,000 for St. Jude Hospital!  That is so great, I can’t even believe it!  Yesterday I was in a bit of a juggling slump and the winds have been blowing like crazy around here in the afternoons, which makes it really hard.  I did what I could and got 85. It’s funny how that’s a bad day for me now. Today, I tried again after camp and it was windy again. I was starting to get frustrated, so my mom suggested that I just play with my dog and then we could go to one of our gyms and juggle there.  That’s what I did. I ended up with 120–some equipment got in my way, but I’ll take the 120!

Then my mom told me about a great donation that came in tonight!  Two boys who are the sons of my mom’s friend found out about Juggling for Jude.  After watching some of my juggling videos, Storm and Mason, ages 5 and 6, ran to their piggy banks and each took out six dollars. Together, they donated $12 to St. Jude Hospital! How great is that?!  The picture below is of them.  Thank you, Mason and Storm!

stormandmasonMason and Storm have the right idea–every dollar counts and helps the kids at St. Jude. Perhaps you have a few dollars to spare, too. If so, you can donate here.

Thank you for your support!


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