Days 27 and 28: 128 and 151 Juggles. Plus An AMAZING gift from Ireland and a Reminder of why St. Jude is so Awesome!

hollisirelandjfjYesterday, right before I went out to juggle, something amazing came in the mail.  It was a package from a woman named Sandra, all the way from Ireland!  I’ve never met Sandra, but she’s a friend of my mom’s friend, Dr. Doug, and she has been seeing all about Juggling for Jude on Facebook.  Sandra sent a very generous donation to St. Jude, but she didn’t stop there.  She also sent me some special chocolates from Ireland and the nicest note of support I’ve received yet.  She told me at the end that I’ve “added and extra ray of sunshine” to the summer.  That made me smile and made my mom cry.  Thank you, Sandra!

Something else came in the mail right before my juggling. It was a magazine from St. Jude telling all about the amazing things they do there for kids with cancer.  There was a picture of a little baby with cancer, and I kept him in my mind as I juggled.  St. Jude is doing some really great things for sick kids and their families.  You should really see their website so you know just how special this hospital is.  Please donate if you can. Every bit helps!

Oh, and if you’re keeping track, I got 128 juggles yesterday and 151 juggles this morning at 8am before camp.  I’m learning that it’s really hard to juggle after a long day in 100-degree weather, so I got out there early today!

Thanks for your support, and keep thinking about the kids at St. Jude who need our help!


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