Day 32. Good News and Bad News. Plus, $13,000 for St. Jude!

hollisivivvajugglingGood news first: Claire and Zoe from the Ivivva store came to take some pictures of me juggling. They are so generous and gave me a whole outfit!  I feel so lucky that they are so excited about Juggling for Jude!  And this outfit is awesome!

The bad news is that I hurt my foot pretty badly in dance camp yesterday.  I didn’t juggle yesterday but then I pushed through dancing today, and I think it got worse.  I gave it a try juggling today, but it hurt a lot. I  was really upset, because I didn’t know if I should keep going or stop.  My mom and I decided that I should stop. I have a dance performance on Friday, plus my soccer training starts next week!  I need to take care of my foot.  I’m hopeful that it will get better quickly!  I will let you know.  And I’m still posting my video, even though I only did 34 juggles because it hurt so much.  Every juggle counts!

The other good news is that thanks to so many awesome people, I’ve now raised more than $13,000!  There are a few people who paid by check, so that money hasn’t recorded on my personal donation page (go here if you want to donate!!!), but we have much more than $13,000!  I am so thankful that we are going to help so many kids at St. Jude Hospital!

Here’s a picture of me icing my foot.  I hope it gets better, because I have a LOT of juggling to do!


Thanks for your support!


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