When you Get 461 Juggles AND you Raise More Than $25,000 for St. Jude Hospital, You Get a Cake. But I’ve got my Eyes on $30,000, so Please Help!

HollisCAKEYesterday was a big day for me and Juggling for Jude!  After I juggled a new record of 461, I passed my second goal of $25,000 for St. Jude Hospital, thanks to the generous people who have donated so far.  But the thing is, I REALLY want to get $30,000!  Maybe you or someone you know can help me get there.  We aren’t that far away!  My donation page will stay open through September, so please keep talking about Juggling for Jude so people know to donate.  Every dollar adds up to help the kids at St. Jude!  DONATE HERE!

Tomorrow I will post the tally of my records for each day that I juggled, so people who pledged to donate based on those numbers can do that.

Thank you for helping me help kids with cancer and the researchers who are working hard to find cures for cancer and other bad diseases that kids can get.



Here is the video of my new record:

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 1.34.36 PM

I have now hit my summer juggling goal. Can you help me blast past my fundraising goal of $25,000?  I’d really really like to reach $30,000, because the kids at St. Jude Hospital are incredible fighters.  Before you head out to enjoy your holiday weekend, HEAD HERE TO DONATE!

Thanks for your support!  I feel so proud and excited!


Day 50: 174 Juggles (in my warmup!). Plus my Grandparents are Visiting and They Donated $1,000 to St. Jude!


Today was my 50th day Juggling for Jude, raising money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  On my very first try I got 174 juggles.  I decided to try two more times and then stop, since I had a dance audition and soccer practice right after.  It was a good decision. Also, my grandparents came to visit from New York.  They had pledged to donate based on my juggling, but since I’ve been doing so many, they decided to donate $1,000!  I was so happy about that! They are very kind and generous people, so I’m not surprised.

Right now, I have raised $22,972! There are a few more big donations coming soon, so it’s looking great for me to get passed my goal of $25,000. I think my mom thinks I can raise $30,000. I hope so, because St. Jude Hospital is so awesome. They help kids who are just like me but they have cancer.

PLEASE DONATE NOW!  Every donation makes a difference for kids with cancer and can save lives of kids who might get it in the future.

Thank you for your support! Only a few more days of juggling to go!


Days 48 and 49: 126 and 152 Juggles. Plus the First $1,000 Donation and a Visit with a Special Baby as I Juggled!

HollisandCarterAfter my big record of 342, it turned out that my legs were tired yesterday.  My parents explained that it would be unusual to come back the day after a personal record and get another one. The good news is that getting 100 juggles is pretty much guaranteed now, but it’s still really hard work, especially when it’s hot out!  I sometimes get tired of having to do out and juggle, but I know I only have a few more days of my fundraiser, and the kids at St. Jude don’t get to choose when they stop fighting!

Today I got to meet this amazing baby named Carter. He is the son of my kindergarten teacher, and it was so great to see both of them. He is the cutest thing! He watched me juggle, but I’m not sure he even noticed! 🙂  I loved having him and his mom out there supporting me.

We are getting down to the end of my juggling.  Yesterday I got an INCREDIBLE donation from my mom and dad’s friends, Julie and Malcolm Whyte.  They donated $1,000 to help St. Jude Hospital!  $1,000! That is the highest donation yet, and I’m so appreciative!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate if you can. It doesn’t have to be $1,000!  Every bit helps!  You can DONATE HERE NOW! My goal is still $25,000 by the end of August. I hope you can help me get there!

Thanks for your support!


PS  The videos of days 48 and 49 are here and here!

NEW RECORD! 342 Consecutive Juggles Today! I’m Coming for you, 400! I’ve Got an Army of Kids at St. Jude Fighting with Me!

I got a new record today of 342 juggles!  Yesterday I got 259.  With my goal being 400 by the end of my Juggling for Jude fundraiser, I have work to do this week, and today’s record makes me feel excited!  Also, my goal of $25,000 for St. Jude Hospital is also in reach!  So far, we have raised over $21,000!!!! There were times earlier this summer when I doubted that I could raise $25,000 or that I could get even close to 400 juggles. But now, both of these things are in my reach. It just goes to show you that you have to keep fighting and working hard to reach your goals.  I’ve got an army of kids at St. Jude Hospital fighting along with me, so I think I can do it!

Thank you so much to those of you who have donated already, and if you haven’t, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONATE TODAY!  Time is running out on Juggling for Jude. Make your day and donate to St. Jude–it’s an amazing place and it needs our support.

Thank you for your help, and please tell your friends so they can DONATE too!




Days 45 and 46: 132 and 133 Juggles. Plus Why I’m Holding a Sign that Says $33!


It takes 2 million dollars a day to run St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. That is a lot of money!  It’s amazing but true that most of that money comes from people like you and me who donate to St. Jude.  There are a lot of famous people who donate a whole lot of money, and then there are people who don’t have so much money to donate and they give what they can.  My mom had a meeting with a really nice lady who runs the Northern California fundraising for St. Jude, and she said that the average donation for every single person who donates is $33!  Just $33 per donation makes St. Jude run.

If everyone I know and everyone reading this could give $33, I would pass my goal of $25,000 by SOOOO much!  The end of my juggling (August 31st) is coming up, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONATE NOW!  If you can afford more than $33, you could do something like 3×33, which is $99.  If you can’t give that much, then maybe you could give one third of $33, which is $11.  Anything you can give will help St. Jude take care of kids with cancer and do research to find cures.  If you want to find out some of the amazing things they do there, go HERE

Funny thing is that today I got 133 juggles, so there’s that 33 again!  🙂    I got 132 yesterday.

Don’t forget, DONATE HERE NOW!

Thanks for your support!


Day 44: 221 Juggles. Plus a Friend at the Park and How Losing My Tooth Today Made Me Think About St. Jude Hospital.

HOllisandMaddieatParkSince I have to juggle after camp this week and the high school football team practices in the afternoons, I have been juggling at a park near my house. Yesterday, my neighbor who is 2 was out there kicking her soccer ball.  She liked watching me juggle, and we played a little bit. It’s fun to see how I can inspire someone younger than me to play soccer!  I already posted yesterday’s video. Today, I got 221. I’m excited to get a new record any day now! 400, here I come!

Today at camp I lost my tooth! I haven’t lost a tooth in a long time.  It made me think about the kids at St. Jude who sometimes lose their hair because of something called chemo. Chemo is a medicine that helps make cancer go away, but it also kills other healthy parts of people’s bodies.  It makes hair fall out.  I think that would be really sad and hard.  Also, the kids at St. Jude might lose hope sometimes, and they also lose their ability to do things they love while they are in the hospital.  Losing my tooth really got me thinking, and it made me really happy that I’m Juggling for Jude!

Please help me help St. Jude and all of the kids there, so maybe they won’t need to lose quite as much even if they have cancer!  DONATE HERE!

Thanks for your support!


Day 43: 158 Juggles. Plus Check Out This Amazing News!


Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 6.35.16 PM

Below is an email my mom helped me copy into my blog.  It’s from the people who run a company called Central Payment, and it tells some of their sales partners all about Juggling for Jude.  But they also offered to do something so generous. They are going to give the same amount as all of their sales partners, so really it’s double money for St. Jude Hospital!  My mom says that’s called matching donations.  I am so thankful to Matt and Zach Hyman and everyone at CPay for their support of Juggling for Jude.  It’s people like them who make the world a better place.

Today I squeezed in some juggling in between camp and soccer practice.  The pressure was on!  I got 158 juggles and raced off to practice.  Only a couple of weeks left–I can’t wait to see how much money we can all raise before this ends.

Thank you for your support, and remember to DONATE HERE!


Central Payment

As a part of CPAY’s philanthropic efforts, we want to extend a special fundraising campaign, called Juggling for Jude, to the entire CPAY family for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

St. Jude’s mission is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment.

CPAY will match up to $5000 per donation from our Sales Partners for this worthy cause!

Juggling for Jude was brought to our attention by Hollis Belger, the 9-year-old daughter of the owner of a local gym that many CPAY employees are members of. Hollis plays soccer for a competitive soccer club in the Bay Area and her skills in juggling are AMAZING. She has a big heart and wanted to use her soccer skills for a great cause by helping the kids at St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Visit Juggling for Jude’s Website



Day 42: 107 Juggles for St. Jude Hospital. Plus Double Dipping for Charity with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Today, my friend, Maisie, nominated me to do the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness of ALS.  ALS is a disease that attacks nerves and muscles and usually people are between 40 and 70 when they get it.  My parents donated money to the ALS Foundation, and I did the ice bucket challenge.

I was glad to help a different cause today, but my focus is on raising more money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  So please don’t forget to donate to St. Jude. It is such an amazing hospital where they care for the sick kids for FREE, and they are finding cures for cancer and other illnesses that kids get.  PLEASE DONATE!!!!!  It takes one minute to put in your credit card information. Really, just one minute!

I juggled today but I was a little tired after my weekend soccer tournament. It was really fun, and I love being back on the field with my teammates and coach.  I got 107 today and then stopped.  I can’t wait to add up my daily records.  It will be fun.

Only a couple more weeks to go, so please spread the word so we can raise lots more money for St. Jude! DONATE HERE, PLEASE!
Thanks for your support!


Days 40 and 41: 121 and 254 Juggles. Plus: More than $17,000 Raised and Thanks to a Great (but crazy) Dr. for his Help!


Today I tried really hard to get a new record. When I got past 250 I could just feel it, but then it didn’t happen. I was sad but then I realized that the important part is that I keep fighting for the kids at St. Jude.  They are fighting way harder than I am! I got 254 Juggles today and 121 Juggles yesterday.  Pretty soon it will be time to add up my daily records for people who have pledged to donate based on my numbers. I still think I can get a record of 400 soon!

Earlier this week I went to see my mom’s good friend, Dr. Doug.  He does something called A.R.T. to help people’s muscles. He explained that when you break a bone the muscles around it can get locked up, because they are trying to protect the injury.  I think Dr. Doug is really smart and helpful, but he is also a little crazy. He seems to like making people feel pain in order to get better.  I mean look at his face in this picture. He’s nuts. 🙂 But I still thank him for making me better!

We have now raised more than $17,000, but there is a lot more to raise before the end of August when I stop Juggling for Jude and head back to school. Please please please donate here and tell all of your friends to donate also.  The kids at St. Jude need our help!

Thank you for your support!  I promise to keep fighting for each juggle!