Day 33: Rusty After Injury with 87 Juggles. Plus, Watch this Video to Find out Which Pro Women’s Soccer Player is Teaming up with Me!

Today was my first day of soccer pre-season training.  My foot hurt a little, but I’m pushing through, and I’m SO excited to be back on the field with my teammates!  I’m also really excited about something else.  YAEL AVERBUCH is a professional soccer player for the Washington Spirit and has played on many US National teams.  She is an awesome midfielder, which is the same position I play.  🙂  When she heard about Juggling for Jude, she decided she wanted to support me in raising money for St. Jude Hospital.  She even created her own video about it, which you can see above.  It has juggling tips that will help you if you want to learn how to juggle!  She has a really cool YouTube channel and website, and you should follow her if you like soccer.  My mom says she’s a great role model for young girls who are athletes.  I think so too. I am just so thankful for her support and for the work she put in to make this cool video. Please share it with people you know and of course you should donate to St. Jude!

Today was my first day really juggling since my dance injury last week.  I was rubbing off the rust and got lower than I usually do.  But I was all smiles, because I know I’m doing the best I can for an amazing cause.  87 juggles is still 87 more than if I didn’t even try!

Tell all your friends and thanks for the support!




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