Days 40 and 41: 121 and 254 Juggles. Plus: More than $17,000 Raised and Thanks to a Great (but crazy) Dr. for his Help!


Today I tried really hard to get a new record. When I got past 250 I could just feel it, but then it didn’t happen. I was sad but then I realized that the important part is that I keep fighting for the kids at St. Jude.  They are fighting way harder than I am! I got 254 Juggles today and 121 Juggles yesterday.  Pretty soon it will be time to add up my daily records for people who have pledged to donate based on my numbers. I still think I can get a record of 400 soon!

Earlier this week I went to see my mom’s good friend, Dr. Doug.  He does something called A.R.T. to help people’s muscles. He explained that when you break a bone the muscles around it can get locked up, because they are trying to protect the injury.  I think Dr. Doug is really smart and helpful, but he is also a little crazy. He seems to like making people feel pain in order to get better.  I mean look at his face in this picture. He’s nuts. 🙂 But I still thank him for making me better!

We have now raised more than $17,000, but there is a lot more to raise before the end of August when I stop Juggling for Jude and head back to school. Please please please donate here and tell all of your friends to donate also.  The kids at St. Jude need our help!

Thank you for your support!  I promise to keep fighting for each juggle!




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