Day 42: 107 Juggles for St. Jude Hospital. Plus Double Dipping for Charity with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Today, my friend, Maisie, nominated me to do the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness of ALS.  ALS is a disease that attacks nerves and muscles and usually people are between 40 and 70 when they get it.  My parents donated money to the ALS Foundation, and I did the ice bucket challenge.

I was glad to help a different cause today, but my focus is on raising more money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  So please don’t forget to donate to St. Jude. It is such an amazing hospital where they care for the sick kids for FREE, and they are finding cures for cancer and other illnesses that kids get.  PLEASE DONATE!!!!!  It takes one minute to put in your credit card information. Really, just one minute!

I juggled today but I was a little tired after my weekend soccer tournament. It was really fun, and I love being back on the field with my teammates and coach.  I got 107 today and then stopped.  I can’t wait to add up my daily records.  It will be fun.

Only a couple more weeks to go, so please spread the word so we can raise lots more money for St. Jude! DONATE HERE, PLEASE!
Thanks for your support!


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