Day 44: 221 Juggles. Plus a Friend at the Park and How Losing My Tooth Today Made Me Think About St. Jude Hospital.

HOllisandMaddieatParkSince I have to juggle after camp this week and the high school football team practices in the afternoons, I have been juggling at a park near my house. Yesterday, my neighbor who is 2 was out there kicking her soccer ball.  She liked watching me juggle, and we played a little bit. It’s fun to see how I can inspire someone younger than me to play soccer!  I already posted yesterday’s video. Today, I got 221. I’m excited to get a new record any day now! 400, here I come!

Today at camp I lost my tooth! I haven’t lost a tooth in a long time.  It made me think about the kids at St. Jude who sometimes lose their hair because of something called chemo. Chemo is a medicine that helps make cancer go away, but it also kills other healthy parts of people’s bodies.  It makes hair fall out.  I think that would be really sad and hard.  Also, the kids at St. Jude might lose hope sometimes, and they also lose their ability to do things they love while they are in the hospital.  Losing my tooth really got me thinking, and it made me really happy that I’m Juggling for Jude!

Please help me help St. Jude and all of the kids there, so maybe they won’t need to lose quite as much even if they have cancer!  DONATE HERE!

Thanks for your support!


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