When you Get 461 Juggles AND you Raise More Than $25,000 for St. Jude Hospital, You Get a Cake. But I’ve got my Eyes on $30,000, so Please Help!

HollisCAKEYesterday was a big day for me and Juggling for Jude!  After I juggled a new record of 461, I passed my second goal of $25,000 for St. Jude Hospital, thanks to the generous people who have donated so far.  But the thing is, I REALLY want to get $30,000!  Maybe you or someone you know can help me get there.  We aren’t that far away!  My donation page will stay open through September, so please keep talking about Juggling for Jude so people know to donate.  Every dollar adds up to help the kids at St. Jude!  DONATE HERE!

Tomorrow I will post the tally of my records for each day that I juggled, so people who pledged to donate based on those numbers can do that.

Thank you for helping me help kids with cancer and the researchers who are working hard to find cures for cancer and other bad diseases that kids can get.


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