THANK GOODNESS FOR SISTERS! Plus, We are Still Collecting Donations for St. Jude Hospital. They take Care of Sisters There, Too!

GirlssippinginHawaiiThis is my favorite picture of the summer.  That’s me and my sister, Lyle, sharing a smoothie in Hawaii after I had juggled one very hot morning. Today’s post is all about Lyle’s support of Juggling for Jude.  Lyle has been so supportive ALL SUMMER LONG. She has had to put up with all of the talk in our family about Juggling for Jude and has been with me while I juggled almost every single time. She has counted for me, carried water bottles, and held our dog, Pete, so he didn’t get in my way.  You can’t do something as big as Juggling for Jude without your sister’s support, so THANK YOU, LYLE!

When a child gets cancer, it becomes something the whole family deals with.  At St. Jude Hospital, there are specialists there who help siblings of the kids with cancer get through their feelings.  They also put on all sorts of events for siblings. You can find out all about some of those fun events here.  St. Jude also pays for a parent to stay near the hospital when families come from far away.  I’m sure the kids at St. Jude would need their families to be there as much as possible, so this is another amazing thing that your donation can help support.

Please remember, my donation page will be open through the end of September. It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, plus my birthday is in September, so I’m hoping to get lots of more money donated to St. Jude!  YOU CAN DONATE HERE, and please tell your friends, too!  🙂

Thank you for your support!


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