FOUR MORE DAYS TO HELP THE KIDS AT ST. JUDE! Plus, How to be Thankful for a Little Stomach Bug.

hollis4JFJTwo days ago, I woke up with a really bad stomachache and headache.  I ended up throwing up for about three hours. Throwing up stinks.  Everybody knows that. And I had to miss my first soccer practice ever. But after a few hours, I felt so much better, and the next day I was perfectly fine.  The kids at St. Jude sometimes throw up a lot, because their chemo makes them sick. It lasts a long time. Much more than just three hours. And they miss more than one soccer practice.

I hope you will think about the kids at St. Jude during these last four days of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and DONATE TO ST. JUDE here and now. I’m going to get out and juggle on video tomorrow, since I don’t have a soccer game, and I’ll be hoping for every last penny I can raise to help the kids at St. Jude.

Right now we are at $32,225.  $35,000 has a much nicer ring to it! 🙂

Thank you so much for your donation and your support!


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