Day Six: WOOHOO! 660 Consecutive Juggles! That’s a New Record! Plus, why You Should Never Stop Believing. The Kids at St. Jude Hospital Sure Don’t!


Over the weekend, I set my sights on going for my goal of 500 juggles. When I went out in the hot sun, my first attempt was 305.  That’s a lot of juggles, and I knew I should feel proud.  But I also knew that I had a goal of 500, and I knew that if I reached that goal and broke my old record, people might donate more money to St. Jude. I was tired, but I had to believe I could do it.

Guess what?  I tried again, and 6 minutes, 50 seconds later, I had a NEW RECORD of 660 juggles!  You can see the video proof here.  Believe it or not, the only reason I stopped was because my mom’s phone rang, stopped the video, and distracted me!  My new goal is to get 1,000 juggles some day soon. I think I can actually do it, but it will take a lot of hard work and a lot of believing.

I’ve learned that you can never stop believing in yourself when you have a goal, even if that goal or dream seems impossible. The kids at St. Jude need to always believe that they can get better. They and their families need to believe in the doctors and researches who are working every day to find cures for cancer.




Thanks for your support! Together, we can change the world!


Juggling for Jude 2015 Day Three: 326 Juggles and Some Big Thoughts About Stress Relief and Focusing on what you LOVE!!


Yesterday I was stressed out about a whole bunch of stuff. I was worried about all of the final tests and projects I have to do for school before summer starts, and I was thinking about some other things that had me worried. I even started getting a little angry with myself. But once I started to juggle all of that seemed to fade away. I believe that if you do something that you love doing and it benefits others, you’ll find that for those few moments, there is nothing else in the world but you, your cause, and what you are doing. For me, it was me, my soccer ball, and the kids at St. Jude.

Because of where I was yesterday, I had to juggle in the middle of a road. There were lots of obstacles, but when you are determined, those fade away, too.  I got 326 consecutive juggles. I think 500 is in reach for me this year!

Please DONATE if you can. We are all in this fight to cure childhood cancer together. Every dollar helps!  And if you want to JOIN ME and juggle your soccer ball this summer, I’d love to have you!

A Little Pre-Juggling Season Practice in Honor of the US Women’s World Cup Start!

HollisAlexMorganScreenShotI was super excited to watch the US Women in their first World Cup match against Australia yesterday!  I saw this cool picture of Alex Morgan in Sports Illustrated Kids, and it reminded me of a picture of me playing last season. 🙂 I know players like Alex Morgan work super hard to get where they are, and they never get to stop working. That’s what I hope to do this summer, in order to raise as much money as possible for the kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!

I did a quick practice juggle before the game and got 154 juggles. Nothing crazy or near my record, but I just wanted to get in a few strikes before my official Juggling for Jude kickoff when school ends!

Please spread the word to any other players you know who might want to join me and Juggle for Jude this summer. They can go HERE to find out how.

Also, my donations page is up and running, so please DONATE here if you can!





Hi Everyone! I’m back!  It’s hard to believe school is out soon, and summer will be here! I’m super excited because I’ll be juggling my soccer ball to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital again this summer, and this time, I’m hoping more players will join me in my efforts!  If you want to participate, just follow the simple steps on my GET INVOLVED PAGE.  It takes about two minutes to register, and then you can start spreading the word and raising money while you juggle. Tell your friends, too, because the more kids we have juggling, the more money we can raise and the fewer kids with cancer there will be!  Oh, and if you’re part of my soccer club (Central Marin Soccer Club), we already have two teams called Central Marin Girls and Central Marin Boys, so you can just go to those links and join!

This year’s Juggling for Jude will go from now till August 31st, so be sure to start juggling!  I’ll be posting videos and raising money again as soon as I get out of school, which is June 19th.

If you want to donate now, that’s great!  Just go here to do so.

Thanks so much for your support, and I can’t wait for JUGGLING FOR JUDE SUMMER 2015!