Juggling for Jude 2015 Day Three: 326 Juggles and Some Big Thoughts About Stress Relief and Focusing on what you LOVE!!


Yesterday I was stressed out about a whole bunch of stuff. I was worried about all of the final tests and projects I have to do for school before summer starts, and I was thinking about some other things that had me worried. I even started getting a little angry with myself. But once I started to juggle all of that seemed to fade away. I believe that if you do something that you love doing and it benefits others, you’ll find that for those few moments, there is nothing else in the world but you, your cause, and what you are doing. For me, it was me, my soccer ball, and the kids at St. Jude.

Because of where I was yesterday, I had to juggle in the middle of a road. There were lots of obstacles, but when you are determined, those fade away, too.  I got 326 consecutive juggles. I think 500 is in reach for me this year!

Please DONATE if you can. We are all in this fight to cure childhood cancer together. Every dollar helps!  And if you want to JOIN ME and juggle your soccer ball this summer, I’d love to have you!

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