Days 20, 21, and 22: 360, 137, and 102 Juggles. Plus, I was a half-time performer at a Women’s Soccer Game and the Donations are Coming in Big Time Right Now!


Not all days are good days. Sometimes it’s frustrating to go out and try and try and just not have a good juggling day. Yesterday and today were two of those days. I tried but just couldn’t get as many juggles as I wanted. But my family was with me, and then I got ice cream, and I remember that what matters is the effort.  Also what matters is that donations for the kids at St. Jude Children’s Hospital come in, and that’s really been picking up, so thank you to everyone who has donated!!! I hope you’ll donate if you haven’t already. Just like every juggle I try for makes a difference, every dollar donated can help save a life! Just CLICK HERE!

Thanks to the North Bay Wave women’s soccer team and All Season Soccer in San Rafael for allowing me to juggle at half time of their final game of the summer season! I felt very proud as I juggled in front of everyone. It was windy, and I was under pressure, but I managed to get 360 juggles in a row, and I got a bunch of money for St. Jude. This is the only time my juggle wasn’t recorded on video, but I promise I did it! 🙂

I also met a freestyle soccer player who wants to do a video with me, so stay tuned for that!

And in case you’re keeping track:

I got 137 juggles yesterday and today I got 102.

Tomorrow will be a better day–I can feel it!

Thanks for your support!


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