Days 27, 28, 29, and 30: 1,085, 152, 462 Juggles. Plus: We have passed $10,000 for this summer and have a super-cool week ahead. LOTS TO DO!


It’s been another busy week!  Here are some exciting things that happened in the world of Juggling for Jude:

1.  I BROKE MY RECORD BY GETTING 1,085 consecutive juggles. No kidding! The video is here!

2. I juggled a bunch at a San Rafael Pacifics baseball game and raised $305 there, thanks to the generous fans!

3. I got right back to juggling even though that record wore me out!  I got 152 (my body was really tired!!!!) and then 462 the day after the baseball game.

4. I got confirmation that I’ll be heading to juggle with the San Jose Earthquakes Major League Soccer team THIS WEDNESDAY! How cool is that?

5. I also got confirmation that I’ll be juggling with campers at the amazing Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy this Thursday! This is a dream come true! I’m not sure who is more excited to meet Julie Foudy–me or my mom!  🙂

Please don’t forget to donate, because my goal is $40,000, so we have a long way to go!

Thanks for your support!


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