Days 40-44: 313, 126, 316, 187, 325 Juggles for St. Jude! Plus: Learn More About St. Jude’s Global Reach and How They are Sharing Their Knowledge to Help Kids with Cancer Around the World!
















Summer is ending soon, but it’s still happening!  I’m excited to keep juggling and see how much we can raise for St. Jude! Also, there are some great things happening in September for Juggling for Jude, so we will keep the donation page open and hope for more donations. I’ll be juggling through August, and I hope people will donate by August 31st!

I want to share the information below about how St. Jude helps kids with cancer ALL OVER THE WORLD! They share their information and research results globally, so you can be sure your donation is helping kids worldwide! Just click on the photo to find out more!

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It only takes a minute to donate. Please help if you can! Just click here now!

Thank you for your support!


PS, my juggling videos are here:

Day 44, Day 43, Day 42, Day 41







Days 37, 38, and 39: 182, 300, and 493 Juggles. Plus: WE HAVE NOW RAISED MORE THAN $50,000 for ST. JUDE CHILDREN’S RESEARCH HOSPITAL!


This week, I officially surpassed the $50,000 mark for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! My family and I could not be more excited about reaching this milestone!  But this means we have a lot more work to do, because I am not as close as I wanted to be at this point to raising $40,000 this summer. Please help by spreading the word about Juggling for Jude to all of your friends, and of course, please DONATE if you can! Every bit helps save a child with cancer. Plus, St. Jude researchers are working hard to cure cancer once and for all!

My past three days of juggling I got:

493 juggles, 300 juggles, and 182 juggles. It was so windy that day, and I was super frustrated, but I did it, because I know every juggle helps! As always, you can click on the videos to see proof.

Thank you for your support, and PLEASE DONATE NOW!


Check out this AWESOME PROMO VIDEO for Juggling for Jude made by the San Jose Earthquakes Major League Soccer Team


I had such a great time juggling with the San Jose Earthquakes last week, and they made this amazing video about my visit and my mission. I’m so excited to share it and hope it leads to more donations for St. Jude!

Also, don’t forget to take the Juggling for Jude Challenge!  Just juggle, post your video, hashtag #jugglingforjude, and then head over to my DONATE page to donate a penny or a dollar or ten dollars per juggle!  Join the movement and save a child with cancer!

Thanks for your support!


PS day 31 I got 268 and day 32 I was super tired after a big family event and got 133. Remember, every juggle counts! Days 34 and 35 were juggling with my soccer team. I’ll keep posting videos as the summer goes along!