Days 37, 38, and 39: 182, 300, and 493 Juggles. Plus: WE HAVE NOW RAISED MORE THAN $50,000 for ST. JUDE CHILDREN’S RESEARCH HOSPITAL!


This week, I officially surpassed the $50,000 mark for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! My family and I could not be more excited about reaching this milestone!  But this means we have a lot more work to do, because I am not as close as I wanted to be at this point to raising $40,000 this summer. Please help by spreading the word about Juggling for Jude to all of your friends, and of course, please DONATE if you can! Every bit helps save a child with cancer. Plus, St. Jude researchers are working hard to cure cancer once and for all!

My past three days of juggling I got:

493 juggles, 300 juggles, and 182 juggles. It was so windy that day, and I was super frustrated, but I did it, because I know every juggle helps! As always, you can click on the videos to see proof.

Thank you for your support, and PLEASE DONATE NOW!


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