Days 40-44: 313, 126, 316, 187, 325 Juggles for St. Jude! Plus: Learn More About St. Jude’s Global Reach and How They are Sharing Their Knowledge to Help Kids with Cancer Around the World!
















Summer is ending soon, but it’s still happening!  I’m excited to keep juggling and see how much we can raise for St. Jude! Also, there are some great things happening in September for Juggling for Jude, so we will keep the donation page open and hope for more donations. I’ll be juggling through August, and I hope people will donate by August 31st!

I want to share the information below about how St. Jude helps kids with cancer ALL OVER THE WORLD! They share their information and research results globally, so you can be sure your donation is helping kids worldwide! Just click on the photo to find out more!

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.53.58 AM












It only takes a minute to donate. Please help if you can! Just click here now!

Thank you for your support!


PS, my juggling videos are here:

Day 44, Day 43, Day 42, Day 41







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