Playing Santa and Juggling up Donations for the Kids at St. Jude!


Today I spent some time at the mall juggling and handing out flyers telling the holiday shoppers¬†all about Juggling for Jude and the great work that St. Jude is doing. We weren’t allowed to take money, but I’m h0ping some of those shoppers will go home and click on my donate link and send some money to support help the kids with cancer at St. Jude.

Remember, it only takes one minute and a few dollars to help save the life of a child with cancer!

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Thanks for your support!



Juggling for Jude takes to a USWNT game in Phoenix



I’m so lucky I got to see a USWNT soccer game in Phoenix yesterday! It was a big trip for one game, but it was totally worth it! ¬†I got to do some juggling with some superstar freestylers from Soccer in Slow Motion (SISM), who were so nice to let me share their stage at the Victory Tour show.

It was so much fun watching my favorite soccer team on the field up close and personal, and, of course, I had my Juggling for Jude banner to help spread the word. Everywhere I go, my mission is to find ways to raise awareness about Juggling for Jude and the amazing St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. If you have ideas, please share them!

As always, you can donate any time by going here. It only takes about one minute, and every dollar helps save the life of a child with cancer.

Thanks for your support!


Counting Piggybank Money for the Kids at St. Jude


It’s Giving Tuesday, so I decided to get some of my piggybank money together to donate to St. Jude. Through Juggling for Jude, I have learned that every dollar counts for the kids with cancer. During this time of holiday shopping and receiving gifts, I think it’s extra important to think of those less fortunate and to help how we can.

Maybe you will do the same and consider donating to St. Jude! We are all in this together!

Thanks for your support!