New Year, New Goals, Same Hard Work for the Kids at St. Jude!



2016 is going to be a great year! I’m excited to reach my goal of passing the $100,000 mark for St. Jude, but I’ll need lots of help. So please spread the word about the Juggling for Jude Challenge to anyone you think might be interested! I would love to get as many young players juggling and sending in donations as possible. It’s such a great cause, it’s a fun way to do something for others, and it helps soccer skills, too!


I love talking with other kids about how to set and reach their goals, and I had the chance to do that the other day. We talked about how to define what it is you want to do and how to figure out and take the steps you need to take to get there.




Thank you for checking out my website and for your support!  You can make a donation to St. Jude in one easy step if you’re interested. It takes less than a minute, and every dollar helps the doctors and scientists at St. Jude save lives of kids with cancer!  You’ll “Be a Good Person” and feel great about it!


Thank you, and here’s to a GREAT year!


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