Plugging Away During Winter for the Kids at St. Jude!

During the “off-season” of Juggling for Jude, I’m keeping things running by doing as much juggling as possible and making as many connections as possible that might lead to donations.

Here are some examples:


HollisjugglingNCMIn this photo, I’m juggling at a fitness competition called NorCal Masters. It’s the 6th-annual event held in Northern CA, and the athletes and spectators are always super generous in their donations to Juggling for Jude. This year, I raised $500, plus the NorCal Masters event chipped in $1500, for a total of $2000 to St. Jude!


In this photo, I’m wearing a Love Your Melon beanie. I bought one since every beanie purchase supports the gift of a beanie for a child with cancer!  How cool is that? I’m happy to support Love Your Melon and any other companies who give back to kids with cancer–that’s what it’s all about!

HollisBAGPshirtFinally, in this photo, I’m wearing a shirt by Be A Good Person brand.  Their message is simple, and I like it! To me, being a good person means giving back how I can, and Juggling for Jude is my way of helping kids with cancer.  Perhaps you can help by donating here.  Every dollar helps save a child with cancer and fund research to find a cure!

Thanks for your support!


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