Summer of 2016 Day 5 Plus: Check out what your Donations to St. Jude Support for kids at the Hospital!


This picture was taken in Canada. I love it, because it shows my sister giving me a little pep talk before I juggled one night, after a long day. My sister is so supportive of me and Juggling for Jude! I’m so lucky to have her!

Last night I was on a roll and thought I was going to beat my record, because the juggling was super smooth. I was almost at 700 juggles when my shoe came untied, and I tripped. Darnit! It just keeps me wanting more, which is great, because that’s what keeps the donations coming in! Here’s video of the 692 from last night.

Please don’t forget to donate if you can. St. Jude is known around the world as an amazing hospital for pediatric cancer, and they treat every single child FREE OF CHARGE! Ever wonder what some things cost there?  Here are some examples of how much things cost for patients there:

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.19.12 PM


Maybe you can help! Remember, every dollar makes a difference!

Thank you!




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