Two GREAT Juggling Events this Past Week! Lots of girl power, lots of fun, and even a session with the one-and-only soccer celeb, Julie Foudy!



What a great week! On Thursday I juggled at the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy, where girls are encouraged to give back to their communities through sport. I was honored to once again be a guest presenter, telling the girls about how I got going with Juggling for Jude and how they might start a project of their own.

I got to juggle with Julie, which was so fun. She got 286 juggles in a row! Not bad for a former USWNT superstar!  Here’s a funny video of Julie almost hitting me after the first few seconds, but I managed to keep juggling.  She his such an enthusiastic and inspiring person!

Then on Saturday, we had our first JUGGLING FOR JUDE juggling clinic! 100% of registration fees went directly to St. Jude, and we raised more than $600! We had 16 girls there, and everyone learned a lot about juggling and ball control. Our awesome coach, Kierra, even donated her time to the cause! We are available to do more clinics, with all funds going directly to St. Jude! Please email if you want to set one up!



Lots more coming up! Can’t wait. PLEASE DONATE IF YOU CAN!

Thanks for your support!


Thanks to my Local Paper for Covering Juggling for Jude Again!

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 9.08.18 AM

I love being in the newspaper, because it means more people will learn about the life-saving mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and, of course, how to donate through Juggling for Jude!

Thanks, Marin IJ, for featuring my story! Here’s a link to the article.  I especially love the part about me and my friend, Kayla, who is a brain cancer WARRIOR, with the help of her treatment at St. Jude!  Below is a picture of me and Kayla together at a San Jose Earthquakes game in the Spring. As I said in the article, she’s my hero and inspires me to keep juggling when I’m tired!


Day 22: 128 Juggles (it was crazy hot, and I wasn’t feeling awesome that day!)

Day 23: 258 Juggles and Day 24 I juggled 432 at the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy for girls, but we didn’t get that one on video. I’ll write more about that awesome day in my next post!


Thanks for your support,


Thanks to Athleta for Featuring Me on Their Blog! Plus, the Juggling Continues and it’s a Busy Week Around Here!

athleta juggle.PNG

It’s always great when I can tell people my story of Juggling for Jude and why I keep going. I’m so thankful to the people at Athleta, who featured me on their blog and also provided me and some juggling friends with great clothes to wear during a recent juggling session. Don’t forget, you can take the Juggling for Jude Challenge with some friends, too! Just be sure to donate when you’re done! I’m so thankful for my friends and their parents who have donated to St. Jude!

Since I last posted my blog, here are the juggles I’ve done. Still not near my recent record of 1,646, but every juggle counts, and so does every dollar!

Day 17:  358 Juggles  Day 18: 237 Juggles   Day 19: 331 Juggles  Day 20: 209 Juggles ,               Day 21: 352 Juggles

Later this week, I’ll be heading back to Julie Foudy’s Sports Leadership Academy where I’ll be juggling with her and her campers and talking all about Juggling for Jude! I can’t wait!

Then, this weekend, I’ll be running a juggling clinic with a great soccer coach from a local competitive club. Every dollar of registration fees goes directly to St. Jude! Here’s the flyer, in case you live nearby and want to join us!

And don’t forget, none of this matters without donations for the kids at St. Jude! So please take a minute to DONATE now!

Thank you!




Thanks to the Golfers at the Have-a-Ball-Golf Tournament who Donated to St. Jude!


Yesterday, I had so much fun juggling at a golf tournament that raises money for all sorts of cancer-related charities and organizations. I am so lucky I have been invited two years in a row now, thanks to Vern Glenn, pictured above, who is a KPIX sports reporter who did a great story on me last summer.  I really appreciate the great work that the Hammer Family, who runs the tournament, is doing to fight cancer!

Thanks to the generous golfers at the tournament, I raised $638 for St. Jude!  That’s $638 closer to my goal of $100,000 by the end of this summer!

There was a really funny moment at the tournament when a golfer challenged me to juggle 20 times, past it to him, and he would pass it back and I would juggle 20 more times. Watch this quick video to see what happened! 🙂

If you have any dollars to spare, I hope you will donate, too!

Thank you so much for your support of the kids at St. Jude and the life-saving mission of this amazing hospital!


After a New Record, the Juggling must GO ON! Plus: Juggling with some Friends and a Big Fundraiser at a Golf Tournament Tomorrow!

athleta juggle.PNG Athleta juggle 2.PNG

Juggling with some friends and my sister yesterday capped off a great week! Don’t forget that you and your friends might want to take the Juggling for Jude Challenge!  Just click here to see how!

After I juggled for a record 17 minutes and 14 seconds straight early last week (1,646 consecutive juggles), though, it was a little bit hard to get my body and mind excited about doing more juggling for the week. It didn’t help that I had 5.5 hours of dance camp every day!

But I knew it needed to be done, because that is what I’ve set out to do in order to get donations for St. Jude! So, I went out each day and did my best. Even though these aren’t great numbers for me, I’m posting the videos to show that I’m keeping up my end of the deal and juggling like crazy for kids with cancer:

Day 13: 135 juggles.

Day 14: 398 juggles.

Day 15:219 juggles.

Day 16: 261 juggles.

I hope someone out there reading this might respond with a donation!  It only takes a minute to make a difference in the lives of kids with cancer!  Just click here!

Tomorrow, I’ll be juggling all morning at a golf tournament that is a fundraiser for many different cancer-related organizations and charities. I’m honored to be one of them!  I can’t wait to see what the golfers challenge me to do in order to get money for St. Jude!

Thanks for your support!



Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 4.45.30 PM

I can’t believe it! I juggled 1,646 times in a row, alternating feet! It took me 17 minutes, 14 seconds, and my mom watched the video again, because she counted wrong on camera. You can click on the photo above to see the video.

It was my first attempt of the day, and it just happened! I was so tired at the end and finally just couldn’t save a bad touch. But 1,646 is a lot, so I’m happy! I guess my new goal is 2,000 juggles in a row!

Please don’t forget that the whole reason I juggle is to help kids with cancer at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, so please DONATE if you can. Every dollar helps save a life and find a cure.

I’ll keep juggling if even one person keeps donating!

Thanks so much for your support!


Juggling Lessons, Cal Soccer Camp, and Days 9-11!




It’s been a super busy week around here!  I attended a great soccer camp at Cal and was lucky enough to be coached by some amazing coaches and players. It was really, really hard, and my body is tired, but I learned a lot! It’s always good to be around great players, because they inspire me to work harder.

Today, I had so much fun teaching a set of younger twins how to juggle. They are trying to develop their skills for their soccer season, and they got so much better in the short time we worked together. I had so much fun sharing some of my tips for juggling better, and the best part is that their mom is going to donate to St. Jude in thanks for my coaching!

As for my juggling, last week before camp started, I got 305, yesterday my mom’s camera had technical problems and we forgot how many I got (darn it!), and today I got 245 in some gusty wind that made me run into a fence! It’s ok, though, because my body is still recovering from a week of intense training! I juggled a ton at camp, but I don’t have any videos, because we weren’t allowed to have phones at the field.

I’m looking forward to choosing a day when I’m not super busy to go for a new record. It’ll take at least 12 minutes of non-stop juggling to do that, so it’s no small thing!

Back at it tomorrow, before dance camp. There’s ALWAYS work to be done, because there are always kids with cancer who need our help!

Please donate if you can. Every dollar makes a difference!

Juggling in the July 4th Parade was a Huge Hit!


























This was my second year juggling in our local July 4th parade. It was a big success! I juggled somewhere around 20,000 juggles through town, while my sister and some great friends passed out flyers and walked by my side. My parents drove the truck, decorated all over with posters and information about Juggling for Jude and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where 100% of money I raise goes to help kids with cancer.

We aren’t allowed to collect money in the parade, but hopefully someone who saw me will DONATE on my website!

Happy 4th, Everyone! And thanks to all who have helped fight for our amazing country!

Please give any amount you can to help kids (and doctors and researchers) fighting cancer at St. Jude!

Thanks for your support!


Days 7 and 8: 724 and 392 Juggles. Plus, I have a New Logo and a Juggling for Jude Challenge Reminder!


Here’s my new logo! I hope you like it!

One of the hardest parts about doing Juggling for Jude is dealing with the technology it takes to video long videos of juggling and upload them onto youtube!  My mom finally figured out that since our phones kept running out of storage and battery, we need to use a non-iphone camera.  Now that we have that figured out, the biggest challenge is just getting the videos onto youtube. Anyhow, here’s 724 and here’s 392. The other day I was at  700-something and the video went out, so I stopped. I don’t want to get a record and not have it recorded!

Also, don’t forget about the Juggling for Jude Challenge!  You can juggle your ball and then donate a penny or nicely or dime or quarter or dollar per juggle. Just tag @juggling_for_jude on Instagram or Juggling for Jude on Facebook, so we can follow you and see your juggling. Check out @coral_jugglesforjude. She’s 16 and is juggling every day, donating a nickel per juggle. Thanks so much, Coral!  We appreciate your doing this!

Please spread the word to your friends and family and help me get to my goal of $100,ooo this summer! Anyone can DONATE here. It takes a minute!

Have a great day!