Juggling Lessons, Cal Soccer Camp, and Days 9-11!




It’s been a super busy week around here!  I attended a great soccer camp at Cal and was lucky enough to be coached by some amazing coaches and players. It was really, really hard, and my body is tired, but I learned a lot! It’s always good to be around great players, because they inspire me to work harder.

Today, I had so much fun teaching a set of younger twins how to juggle. They are trying to develop their skills for their soccer season, and they got so much better in the short time we worked together. I had so much fun sharing some of my tips for juggling better, and the best part is that their mom is going to donate to St. Jude in thanks for my coaching!

As for my juggling, last week before camp started, I got 305, yesterday my mom’s camera had technical problems and we forgot how many I got (darn it!), and today I got 245 in some gusty wind that made me run into a fence! It’s ok, though, because my body is still recovering from a week of intense training! I juggled a ton at camp, but I don’t have any videos, because we weren’t allowed to have phones at the field.

I’m looking forward to choosing a day when I’m not super busy to go for a new record. It’ll take at least 12 minutes of non-stop juggling to do that, so it’s no small thing!

Back at it tomorrow, before dance camp. There’s ALWAYS work to be done, because there are always kids with cancer who need our help!

Please donate if you can. Every dollar makes a difference!

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