After a New Record, the Juggling must GO ON! Plus: Juggling with some Friends and a Big Fundraiser at a Golf Tournament Tomorrow!

athleta juggle.PNG Athleta juggle 2.PNG

Juggling with some friends and my sister yesterday capped off a great week! Don’t forget that you and your friends might want to take the Juggling for Jude Challenge!  Just click here to see how!

After I juggled for a record 17 minutes and 14 seconds straight early last week (1,646 consecutive juggles), though, it was a little bit hard to get my body and mind excited about doing more juggling for the week. It didn’t help that I had 5.5 hours of dance camp every day!

But I knew it needed to be done, because that is what I’ve set out to do in order to get donations for St. Jude! So, I went out each day and did my best. Even though these aren’t great numbers for me, I’m posting the videos to show that I’m keeping up my end of the deal and juggling like crazy for kids with cancer:

Day 13: 135 juggles.

Day 14: 398 juggles.

Day 15:219 juggles.

Day 16: 261 juggles.

I hope someone out there reading this might respond with a donation!  It only takes a minute to make a difference in the lives of kids with cancer!  Just click here!

Tomorrow, I’ll be juggling all morning at a golf tournament that is a fundraiser for many different cancer-related organizations and charities. I’m honored to be one of them!  I can’t wait to see what the golfers challenge me to do in order to get money for St. Jude!

Thanks for your support!


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