Thanks to Athleta for Featuring Me on Their Blog! Plus, the Juggling Continues and it’s a Busy Week Around Here!

athleta juggle.PNG

It’s always great when I can tell people my story of Juggling for Jude and why I keep going. I’m so thankful to the people at Athleta, who featured me on their blog and also provided me and some juggling friends with great clothes to wear during a recent juggling session. Don’t forget, you can take the Juggling for Jude Challenge with some friends, too! Just be sure to donate when you’re done! I’m so thankful for my friends and their parents who have donated to St. Jude!

Since I last posted my blog, here are the juggles I’ve done. Still not near my recent record of 1,646, but every juggle counts, and so does every dollar!

Day 17:  358 Juggles  Day 18: 237 Juggles   Day 19: 331 Juggles  Day 20: 209 Juggles ,               Day 21: 352 Juggles

Later this week, I’ll be heading back to Julie Foudy’s Sports Leadership Academy where I’ll be juggling with her and her campers and talking all about Juggling for Jude! I can’t wait!

Then, this weekend, I’ll be running a juggling clinic with a great soccer coach from a local competitive club. Every dollar of registration fees goes directly to St. Jude! Here’s the flyer, in case you live nearby and want to join us!

And don’t forget, none of this matters without donations for the kids at St. Jude! So please take a minute to DONATE now!

Thank you!




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