Almost at $100,000 for Kids with Cancer!!!! Plus, See How YOU can Take the Juggling for Jude Challenge and Help!

I can’t believe I only have about $6000 more till I get to $100,000 for the kids and doctors at St. Jude! I am so excited!  Maybe you can help by taking the Juggling for Jude Challenge. Just grab a ball, juggle as many times as you can, have a friend take a video or photo, and tag @juggling_for_jude on instagram or Juggling for Jude on Facebook, so I can see it. Then, go here to donate a certain amount per juggle.

Check out some awesome kids who have done it recently!  Coral took the Challenge EVERY DAY this summer, and she just donated $168, which was a nickel per juggle! I am so thankful and blown away by her support!  Coral, you are AWESOME!!!!!

And check out nine-year-old Kane below. He juggled 523 times in a row!!!! He’s going to be  past my record in no time, I bet! His mom donated a nickel per juggle for him!

I hope you’ll tell your friends to do it, too! With just a few more people hearing about the Challenge or just wanting to donate to St. Jude, together we can get to $100,000 by the end of the summer!

My most recent juggles are here:

Day 37: 180 Juggles

Day 38: 414 Juggles

Thank you so much for your support!


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