So Close to $100,000, I can ALMOST Taste it! Plus, My Top Five Reasons why You Should Donate to St. Jude TODAY.

$100k and soccer ball.JPG

Only about $2,000 left till I reach my goal of $100k by the end of the summer!  There are a few donations that haven’t shown up yet, because checks take time to process, but that’s how close I really am!  It might take a few extra days to get to $100,000, but then again, it might not!  Maybe you can find some spare change and make a donation today. Tell your friends, your family, your teachers, your work partners.  Just a little bit from everyone adds up!  I won’t eat the candy bar till my goal is reached!

Here are a few reasons why you should donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital TODAY!

  1. St. Jude is on the leading edge of research curing cancers and other catastrophic illnesses in children. They have increased survival rates from 20% to 80%, and they share their research with other hospitals AROUND THE WORLD, with NO STRINGS ATTACHED!
  2. The entire families of kids at St. Jude are helped by the Child Life programs and other services offered.  Parents are given free housing, so they can support their child without the worry about paying for a hotel.
  3. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Why not kick it off NOW with a donation to a leading pediatric cancer hospital in the WORLD?
  4. St. Jude treats patients FREE OF CHARGE for their entire stay and pays for future medical expenses related to the cancer for their patients.
  5. KIDS REALLY SHOULDN’T GET CANCER. The research at St. Jude also addresses cancers that affect everyone, even adults. Their work benefits ALL OF US!

It takes less than a minute to donate, and every dollar helps. My sister and some friends even did an amazing bake sale for Juggling for Jude and raised $157!  Did you know that just $100 to St. Jude pays for a “no-chemo party” for a kid who finishes a round of chemo? Think what a big deal that is, all for the cost of a fancy dinner at a restaurant!


And I can always do more juggling lessons! Here is a picture of one I did over the weekend. These boys improved so much after just one lesson, and their parents gave a really generous donation in return! That’s how it works!


Below are the links to videos of my two most recent juggles.  I only count the days I video, but there have been MANY more juggling days this summer, and LOTS of special events and juggling lessons and news stories. It’s been really fun and a lot of work, but every single juggle is worth it to me!  I’ll keep juggling till no kids have cancer, but for now I’m focused on the $100,000 mark!

Day 39: 608 Juggles

Day 40: 268 Juggles


Thank you for your support!


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