Juggling in the 4th of July Parade is always a BLAST!

IMG_5320 2.JPG

Thanks to everyone along our parade route for making today another huge success in my mission to raise awareness of the work at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and to raise funds in support of the lifesaving work there.

I had the BEST support team EVER out there today, handing out flyers about St. Jude and Juggling for Jude!  THANK YOU to all of these awesome superstars for walking, talking to people, and working so hard!


This is Officer Damm, from the Central Marin Police Authority SWAT team. He donated $100 and is super supportive of my efforts! He knows how great St. Jude is, and I’m so thankful for his generous donation!


My dad, sister, and dog, Pete, were so amazing today, just like they always are! I’m so lucky to have them supporting me every juggle of the way!


Thanks so much for your support, and Happy Fourth!!!! I hope you’ll consider donating to help save kids with cancer. Just go HERE. THANK YOU!



2 thoughts on “Juggling in the 4th of July Parade is always a BLAST!

  1. You are an
    N awesome young lady, and I am happy to donate, but first would like to know your personal connection to St. Jude Childrens’ Hospital. Thanks!

    1. Hi Christine. This is Hollis’s mom now. We had no personal connection to St Jude when hollis started Juggling for Jude. Ever since I was a kid, I have wanted to do something for this amazing research hospital. I told hollis about it and when she started juggling at age 8, we decided it would be s great fundraiser. Since then, we have met many St Jude families and patients, and hollis is now even more inspired to spread the word and seek donations! You can see this on her words by going to the About Page and watching her two-minute speech she gave last week at the St Jude 60th anniversary gala, where she won an award for her efforts. She would appreciate a donation if you’re so inspired, so thank you so much for your interest!

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