There are so many Heroes Out There!

One of the things I have learned doing Juggling for Jude for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for so long is how many people there are who want to help kids with cancer!  I love when I get to share stories of other people doing great things!


That’s me and BUSTER POSEY!!!! I got to interview him in the Giants dugout for Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine! I asked him all about his family foundation to further pediatric cancer research and about his thoughts on giving back in general. I’ll share the story once it’s published. Thank you, Buster, for being so generous with your time and for making it your mission to help kids with cancer!


Here’s another hero, who is not so famous but has a big heart, too! I know Sebastian from dance, and he decided to make a poster of Juggling for Jude and go door-to-door collecting donations for my cause! He got $120 for St. Jude! I am so thankful and hope he knows what a great thing that was!


Thanks for reading and for your support, and please share with any friends who might want to support Juggling for Jude! As always you can DONATE here.



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