My summer break is officially over. High school started last week, which means that the FIFTH summer of Juggling for Jude is in the books! But I’ve got so much going on for St. Jude in September and October, that I actually think they might be even bigger months than the summer ones this year! September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and I’ll be doing a lot of work to raise funds for St. Jude!



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I am SOOOO excited about these balls! They look amazing! Huge thanks to All Season Soccer for making this happen! The balls are super fun and colorful (purple for St. Jude and yellow for Childhood Cancer Awareness). You can go HERE to purchase yours or one as a gift for a someone you know. The balls are size 4, so they are great for all young players. We  hope to also get size 5 balls in our next shipment, as soon as these sell out! 🙂

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Big honor: I am being honored at this year’s Miracles on the Bay Gala for St. Jude, an annual event for St. Jude held in San Francisco! I’ll get to give a speech, which I LOVE, and there will be a live auction that just might involve me juggling for dollars! If you are interested in purchasing a ticket or even becoming a table sponsor, I can get you discounted pricing if you let me know you want to attend. Just email my mom at allison@tjsgym.com, and she can connect you with the person in charge.

So lucky: I will be watching the US Women’s National Soccer Team in San Jose at a “friendly” match against Chile. I’ve also been invited to the training session the night before the game, to give US Soccer a little update on my work, as part of my role as the SheBelieves Hero this year. I can’t wait to see them again and cheer them on as they prepare for the start of World Cup Qualifiers!

Hard work: I will be juggling, raising awareness, and collecting donations each weekend this Fall soccer season at a local field where hundreds of kids play soccer. Working around my own soccer schedule, I’ll be out there with a younger boy named Ross, who reached out to me to do some fundraising in honor of his family friend, Hazel, a 7-year-old girl who died of cancer in April. We will be collecting donations to help St. Jude find a cure for childhood cancer while we honor Hazel and her brave fight.

Big donation: You might remember that last October, I partnered with In Shape Health Clubs as part of their month-long fundraiser for cancer-related charities, and they donated $30,000 to St. Jude! This October, In Shape is partnering with St. Jude again, and I will be helping out at some of the events, in order to make it as successful a month as possible. Thank you so much to everyone at In Shape for adding childhood cancer and St. Jude to their annual fundraising!

Those are some of the highlights I have coming up. You can follow my journey on social media if you’re interested in details.

If you would like to DONATE to support the lifesaving work at St. Jude, please go HERE. It only takes a minute, and every dollar helps save the life of a child with cancer.



Tricks for Kids at St. Jude!

img_6193-2.jpgRecently, I decided to add to my soccer juggling repertoire and start learning some tricks to help get attention for the St. Jude cause. I probably should have done this a long time ago, but the good news is that I’m learning quickly, since I have a pretty solid base of skill at this point. I’ve asked people on social media to challenge me to learn a new trick, in exchange for donations. Fun, right? If you’re interested in helping my cause and want to challenge me to learn a new trick, please comment on my Facebook or Instagram and let me know! Even small donations are welcomed! Every dollar helps fight childhood cancer!

Here are some links to some of the tricks I’ve done so far. Remember, I’m just starting to learn, so keep your expectations low! 🙂

And don’t forget, donating to St. Jude to help save the life of a child with cancer takes less than a minute. Just CLICK HERE.

Thank you for your support!