A Broken Foot means Juggling for St. Jude with some Help from Some Special Friends!

The bad news: I broke a bone in my foot and can’t juggle for awhile. The doctor says it’s a wear-and-tear injury from lots of dance and soccer. I’m in a big boot for at least six weeks, so I can’t juggle right now. BUT, there is great news, and that is that there are lots of people who will donate anyway!


One big way people can help is by doing what a very special family to me is doing. That family is the family of CJ, a 4-year-old, soccer-loving boy who is cancer-free now, thanks to the lifesaving work at St. Jude! They have been following Juggling for Jude for awhile now, and we check in with them by texting when CJ goes back for appointments. They heard about my broken foot and wanted to help me with the Juggling for St. Jude cause! Check out this awesome video they made about how anyone can help by participating in the Juggling for Jude Challenge. Just take a minute to watch how you or someone you know can do a quick juggle and give a donation. This will help me raise money through the end of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! YAY!!!! And please keep CJ in your thoughts as he continues to fight to stay cancer-free!

#KeepCJStrong #JugglingforJudeChallenge

I even tried to juggle with my left foot. I got 5, so it’s a start! 🙂

You can donate any time HERE. And don’t forget, you can also purchase a Juggling for St. Jude soccer ball, and 100% of profits will go to St. Jude!

Thank you so much for your support!

~Hollis (and my new puppy, Van!)


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