School Talks about My Work for St. Jude and How Other Students Can Give Back!

Every year for the past few years, I’ve been reaching out to schools in the area to talk to students about my work for St. Jude and about how they can find ways to give back to causes that inspire them. These days, so many schools are having students do social justice or social impact projects, so my work fits right in.

Today I got to speak to two classes of 5th grade students at my old elementary school and also the entire 7th grade at a local middle school. All in all, I spoke to around 150 kids today, and about 25 adults as well. I LOVE sharing my story and talking about how kids can find their own causes and ways to contribute. The best parts are often the Q and A at the end. Today, one girl asked me what I will do when St. Jude finds a cure for cancer. I told her that even when there’s a cure, there will still be plenty of kids who need to be treated, and that costs a lot of money. My goal will be to support St. Jude in its treatment of childhood cancer FREE OF CHARGE and in its practice of sharing its finding with the world. I can’t wait till that day comes!

If you’re interested in hearing my story, you can reach out to my mom to schedule a school tour at

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Thank you for your support!