NEW JUGGLING RECORD: 4,202 Consecutive Juggles for the Kids at St. Jude!


Yesterday was a BIG day for me and Juggling for Jude! I got a new record of 4,202 consecutive soccer juggles. I had tried three times in the past few days to get a new record, but I didn’t get past 1,530. I was frustrated, but I knew I wanted a new record, because records get attention, and attention gets donations for kids with cancer.

It was SO hard to juggle for almost 45 minutes straight, but I am so glad I stuck with it. My shoes came untied after about 700 juggles, so that made it a little more challenging. But nothing is hard the way childhood cancer is hard.

If you have 44 minutes to spare, you can watch the video of me getting my record HERE.

Please consider donating to save the life of a child with cancer. Just click HERE.

Thank you!


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