JFJ Giving Tuesday BannerLast week was #GivingTuesday, and I was honored to have two really great experiences talking about the importance of youth in philanthropy!

First, I was interviewed live on Mornings on 2 on KTVU. It was my second time on the show, and it was a blast! Here is a link to my interview with Sal Castenada. Just click on the photo to watch!

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 3.43.36 PM.png


Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 3.46.16 PM.png

I also visited a local middle school, where the 6th graders are doing a unit on young change-makers. I am so honored that they chose to study me and my work for St. Jude! I love going to speak to students, and this group had so many great questions for me after my talk! I can’t wait for my next school speech!



Thank you for your support, and remember, you can go HERE any time to donate and help kids with cancer!


Giving Thanks!

During this week of Thanksgiving, I have so much to be grateful for! I’ll be posting another blog before Giving Tuesday, when I’ll be asking people to consider giving to Juggling for Jude to help kids with cancer, but for now, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who helped make this special honor happen:

I recently received the Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy award from the Association of Fundraising Professionals Golden Gate Chapter. I got to speak on a panel with some big names in Bay Area giving, and it was an incredible opportunity to share my story and learn from people like Roselyn “Cissie” Swig, a long-time philanthropist who was also on the panel.


IMG_1806 2.JPG          Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 3.52.54 PM.png

Click on the photo below to hear to my acceptance speech from the luncheon. I talk about how the importance of youth in philanthropy, and the lifesaving work at St. Jude and some of my patient inspirations.

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 3.56.38 PM.png

You can also see an interview with the AFP to learn more about how Juggling for Jude began!

Screen Shot 2019-11-26 at 4.14.06 PM.png

As you gather with friends and family, please keep in mind the kids at St. Jude and their fight against childhood cancer! You can donate HERE any time!

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!





My Mom is Turning 50, so we did Something Special to Get more Donations for St. Jude!

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 7.34.17 PM.png

My parents always say that I should work hard for donations, and they do, too! When my dad turned 50 earlier this year, I juggled my soccer ball while he made 50 basketball layups.

This month is my mom’s 50th birthday, and she’s really good at pullups. She decided to try to do 50 strict pullups while I juggled, without dropping the ball until she was done. 50 strict pullups is a lot, so she had to pace herself and rest in between. We did it on the first try! It took just about ten minutes (910 juggles).

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 7.40.42 PM.png

Here’s the full video, and here’s a time-lapse version,  in case you don’t have ten minutes!

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 6.17.23 PM.png

I think it’s pretty impressive that my mom did this, and I hope you’ll think it’s worth a donation to help save kids with cancer! Any amount helps, so maybe $5 or $50 or $100 or $500! Whatever you feel inspired and are able to give!

Just go HERE. It only takes a minute to help save the life of a child with cancer.




Looking Back on Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is always a big month for me, because it’s my birthday month and it’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This past month has been pretty great for Juggling for Jude! Here are some highlights:

IMG_0838.JPG                     IMG_1039 2

St. Jude Walk/Run San Francisco: Yesterday, I kicked off the walkers and juggled through the 5K route. Thanks to some amazing donors, I was tied for first place for the top individual fundraiser for the event! But what made the event even more special was meeting St. Jude brain cancer survivor, Riku. He’s four and has been done with treatment for six months after living with his parents at St. Jude for seven months! He’s been through so much, and he was so sweet and cute and I was so lucky to meet him. He liked my Juggling for St. Jude ball, so I gave it to him. It’s kids like Riku that make everything I do worthwhile! I got to do a live interview for KTVU-2 news, too!

IMG_1048.jpg    IMG_1049.jpg

St. Jude Miracles on the Bay Gala San Francisco: This was my second year at the gala and I got to meet this year’s honored ambassador, Matt Ocko, a HUGE St. Jude supporter who is incredibly generous. I also got to meet a former patient, Beth, who was my age when she was diagnosed with the same type of brain cancer that Riku has. She has an amazing survivor story, and it was so great to meet her, as well! It was also so great to have my family with me to share in this inspiring night for St. Jude!IMG_0655.jpg

IMG_0772.jpg   IMG_0734.JPG

Association of Fundraising Professionals Youth in Philanthropy Award: I was honored at the first of two events for this exciting award, and I got to spend time with Deborah Johnson, director of the Northern California chapter of St. Jude. It’s always great to spend time with her, and it was exciting to meet the other honorees for National Philanthropy Day. The big event is in November!

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 10.28.07 PM.png

Those are just some of the highlights of September! I can’t wait for October, because my mom has a big birthday, and we did something fun (and challenging) to raise money in her honor. I’ll be sharing the video soon! Also, October is when In Shape health clubs do their month-long FIGHT CANCER fundraiser, and they are once again including Juggling for Jude and St. Jude in their giving. Last year they donated $50,000! AMAZING!

As always, thank you for your support. If you’d like to help kids like Riku, please go HERE and your donation goes directly to St. Jude! We’re closing in on $350,000! Maybe you’ll help me get there!



I’ll be Kicking off the St. Jude Walk in San Francisco!

I’m so excited and honored that I’ll be kicking off the annual St. Jude Walk San Francisco, starting the walkers and juggling through the parade route on Sunday, September 28th!

If you would like to JOIN ME in walking and fundraising, or if you would like to DONATE in support of my walk (juggle!), that would be great! I’ve arranged for my SPONSORS of $500 or more to get some great sponsor benefits and exposure at the race, and you can see the levels of sponsorship HERE.

Feel free to email me at or my mom at with questions about sponsorship or to become a sponsor.

Thanks so much!


P.S. If you just want to donate to my cause as usual and help save the life of a child with cancer, you can do that HERE any time!



Annual Golf Tournament Fundraising for St. Jude!

Each year, I juggle at the Have-a-Ball Golf Tournament in Danville, CA. The event is put on by Bob Hammer, a two-time testicular cancer survivor who has dedicated the past 15 years to supporting cancer-related causes. He lets me juggle at Hole #4 each year, with golfers giving me donations in exchange for juggles before they tee off at the hole.

This year I had to work my summer job in the morning but juggled my way to $930 for kids with cancer during the afternoon at the golf event!

Here is a clip from KPIX TV’s Vern Glenn’s sports broadcast on the event. He and I shared Hole #4 for the fifth year in a row!

If you would like to donate to my cause, please do so HERE. Every dollar helps save the life of a child with cancer!

Thanks for your support,


My 5th July 4th Parade with Juggling for Jude was a Blast!


Every year, since the second summer of my soccer juggling and fundraising for Juggling for Jude, I juggle in my town’s July 4th parade. My family and I decorate my dad’s truck, and I juggle while a crew of superstar soccer girls hand out flyers about St. Jude.

This year, my awesome friend, Avery, joined me in juggling through the whole parade route. She was a total rockstar and is such a great juggler! It made the parade even more fun for me.

Something really special happened this year. A woman came up to my mom while I was juggling and told her to thank me for what I do for childhood cancer. Her little daughter, Ella, is a survivor, and she gave me a #BoyleStrong bracelet in her honor. That makes every juggle and every speech I’ve ever done worth it!

If you would like to help kids like Ella beat cancer, please DONATE to St. Jude! They are leading the world in childhood cancer treatment and research and never charge families a single penny!

Thank you for your support!


NEW JUGGLING RECORD: 4,202 Consecutive Juggles for the Kids at St. Jude!


Yesterday was a BIG day for me and Juggling for Jude! I got a new record of 4,202 consecutive soccer juggles. I had tried three times in the past few days to get a new record, but I didn’t get past 1,530. I was frustrated, but I knew I wanted a new record, because records get attention, and attention gets donations for kids with cancer.

It was SO hard to juggle for almost 45 minutes straight, but I am so glad I stuck with it. My shoes came untied after about 700 juggles, so that made it a little more challenging. But nothing is hard the way childhood cancer is hard.

If you have 44 minutes to spare, you can watch the video of me getting my record HERE.

Please consider donating to save the life of a child with cancer. Just click HERE.

Thank you!


I’ve Kicked off my 6th Summer of Juggling for St. Jude!

Hi Everyone,

Happy Summer!

This year, I kicked off my summer of juggling for kids with cancer by juggling with some important people in my community. I juggled with my high school principal, the superintendent of schools, a group of police officers, and group of firefighters, and finally, the mayor of my town.

I’ve now been juggling daily for over a week and have logged thousands of juggles already. You can see some of my juggles in the videos linked below. I tried to get a new record a couple of times this week, but it hasn’t happened yet, so I’ll keep trying! Beating 3,215 is going to be hard, but beating childhood cancer is harder! So far my best for this summer has been 1,530 juggles.

Here’s a great photo from St. Jude’s prom this year. It’s just one of the many, many events that St. Jude puts on so that patients undergoing treatment for cancer can have as much of a normal life as possible. I just love St. Jude!

Screen Shot 2019-06-30 at 7.38.49 PM.png

If you would like to make a donation to help kids with cancer at St. Jude through their worldwide reach, you can do it any time at this link. Every dollar helps!

Thank you so much for your support!


Here are some videos of my recent juggling efforts:

June 19th 134June 20th 286, June 21,  , June 22

June 23rd 508, June 24th 1,530 , June 25th 865June 26th 388, June 30th 520 


We’ve Reached $325,000 for St. Jude!


Thanks to so many amazing donors, together we have now officially past the $325,000 mark for kids with cancer. I am so grateful and also know there is a lot of work to do! I’m excited to kick off my 6th summer of juggling in a couple of weeks, once school is out, and I have some fun plans for getting things started, so stay tuned to my social media accounts.

If you want to help me get to my next goal of $400,000 to help save kids with cancer, you can DONATE any time. It just takes a minute!

Thank you so much,