The Season of Giving is Here! See what Your Money Buys you at St. Jude!


This little boy, Claude, is a patient at St. Jude.  He was featured on their social media channels to inspire donations. I posted it on my social media, too, because he’s a soccer fan and a kid who is going through a fight no kid should face. If you’re inspried to give today or any day this holiday season, just go here. It can help save a child’s life!


This is me last holiday shopping season, juggling at the mall to collect donations. I’ll be doing more holiday juggling this year, acting as Santa for the kids at St. Jude! You can, too! Just go here to donate any amount.

Last thing: Here’s a handy list of what your money buys you at St. Jude:

  • Infant Care Supplies for 10 Babies: $50
    These supplies help parents and nurses care for babies in treatment and include items like diapers, baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, footies and heel warmers.
  • Wagon: $70
    Wagons can make traveling through the halls of St. Jude easier for parents and more fun for a young child.
  • Parties to celebrate birthdays, holidays and “coming off chemo”: $75
    St. Jude provides parties, decorations, cakes and more to keep spirits high during the holidays and to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and a child’s completion of chemotherapy treatment.
  • Creative Toys: $100
    Play is an essential part of every child’s life, and it’s important for the children to have fun as often as possible. At St. Jude, colorful, toy-filled play areas are just as plentiful as exam rooms.
  • Delicious Meals: $210
    St. Jude provides meal cards so that patients and families can enjoy the comfort and convenience of good, nutritious meals in the Kay Kafe, our cafeteria.
  • One Day of Oxygen: $447
    Oxygen is key to keeping the immune system strong. A gift of oxygen can help a young body thrive and help fight cancer at the cellular level.
  • Child-sized Wheelchairs: $700
    These special wheelchairs help children move easily through St. Jude.
  • Airfare for a parent and child: $1,000 Average
    For a patient referred to St. Jude, the hospital covers the cost of airfare for a child and one parent or guardian.

As always, thank you for your support, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



It’s Always Inspiring to Speak to kids and Encourage them to GIVE BACK!



I had a great time talking to the students in grades 1-5 at the Cove School last week! They were an awesome audience, and I loved being able to talk about how to choose something you love and find a way to give back! I have a great feeling about these kids and know they will make a difference in the world!

If you’re inspired to donate to St. Jude, where they are finding cures for cancer every day, please go here. It only takes a minute!

Thank you!



Check out the Exciting Events for Girls Coming up October 15th!

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 5.15.21 PM.png

I haven’t posted in a little while. Soccer season is in full swing, I’m dancing a ton, and I’m keeping up with the juggling and spreading the word about Juggling for Jude and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  I also turned 12 since my last post! This picture was from from my celebration after soccer practice on my birthday. So fun!

I have some exciting events coming up and hope you’ll help spread the word to girls in the Bay Area!

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 5.07.43 PM.png

*I’m thrilled to be a part of the first annual WorldWideWomen Girls’ Festival in San Francisco this coming SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15th! Girls of all ages can participate in activities and learn about career planning, education, entrepreneurship, leadership, health and wellness, safety and more. I’ll be a presenter at this amazing event. My workshop with be about how to harness a passion and give back! I’m so excited to have this opportunity! Check out the list of workshops here. Mine is from 4-4:20, and I hope you’ll stop by to hear what I have to say!

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 5.09.17 PM.png

*That same day, Saturday, October 15th, ivivva Corte Madera will host a Fashion Show featuring me and my soccer teammates juggling our soccer balls down the aisle. There will be refreshments, games, a raffle with great prizes, a goal-setting workshop, and the fashion show, and all raffle proceeds will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! Check out the event details here.

As always, if you’re interested in donating to St. Jude to help save the life of a child with cancer, you can just go here. It only takes a minute!

Thanks so much for your help and support,



WE DID IT!!!!! $100,000 for the Kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!


My goal for this summer was to pass the $100,000 mark by the end of August, and it happened today–the LAST day of the month! I am so, so thankful for the amazing support of everyone who has donated over the past three summers and everyone who has shared my story with other people.  I’m not planning on stopping–I’ll keep juggling and raising money for kids with cancer until there’s a cure! And I hope you or someone you know will join me by taking the Juggling for Jude Challenge and donating to my fundraiser. It only takes a minute on my personal donation page!

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month starts TOMORROW!  There’s work to do!

But first, I’m going to eat this soccer ball cake!

Thank you now, more than ever, for your support!


So Close to $100,000, I can ALMOST Taste it! Plus, My Top Five Reasons why You Should Donate to St. Jude TODAY.

$100k and soccer ball.JPG

Only about $2,000 left till I reach my goal of $100k by the end of the summer!  There are a few donations that haven’t shown up yet, because checks take time to process, but that’s how close I really am!  It might take a few extra days to get to $100,000, but then again, it might not!  Maybe you can find some spare change and make a donation today. Tell your friends, your family, your teachers, your work partners.  Just a little bit from everyone adds up!  I won’t eat the candy bar till my goal is reached!

Here are a few reasons why you should donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital TODAY!

  1. St. Jude is on the leading edge of research curing cancers and other catastrophic illnesses in children. They have increased survival rates from 20% to 80%, and they share their research with other hospitals AROUND THE WORLD, with NO STRINGS ATTACHED!
  2. The entire families of kids at St. Jude are helped by the Child Life programs and other services offered.  Parents are given free housing, so they can support their child without the worry about paying for a hotel.
  3. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Why not kick it off NOW with a donation to a leading pediatric cancer hospital in the WORLD?
  4. St. Jude treats patients FREE OF CHARGE for their entire stay and pays for future medical expenses related to the cancer for their patients.
  5. KIDS REALLY SHOULDN’T GET CANCER. The research at St. Jude also addresses cancers that affect everyone, even adults. Their work benefits ALL OF US!

It takes less than a minute to donate, and every dollar helps. My sister and some friends even did an amazing bake sale for Juggling for Jude and raised $157!  Did you know that just $100 to St. Jude pays for a “no-chemo party” for a kid who finishes a round of chemo? Think what a big deal that is, all for the cost of a fancy dinner at a restaurant!


And I can always do more juggling lessons! Here is a picture of one I did over the weekend. These boys improved so much after just one lesson, and their parents gave a really generous donation in return! That’s how it works!


Below are the links to videos of my two most recent juggles.  I only count the days I video, but there have been MANY more juggling days this summer, and LOTS of special events and juggling lessons and news stories. It’s been really fun and a lot of work, but every single juggle is worth it to me!  I’ll keep juggling till no kids have cancer, but for now I’m focused on the $100,000 mark!

Day 39: 608 Juggles

Day 40: 268 Juggles


Thank you for your support!


Almost at $100,000 for Kids with Cancer!!!! Plus, See How YOU can Take the Juggling for Jude Challenge and Help!

I can’t believe I only have about $6000 more till I get to $100,000 for the kids and doctors at St. Jude! I am so excited!  Maybe you can help by taking the Juggling for Jude Challenge. Just grab a ball, juggle as many times as you can, have a friend take a video or photo, and tag @juggling_for_jude on instagram or Juggling for Jude on Facebook, so I can see it. Then, go here to donate a certain amount per juggle.

Check out some awesome kids who have done it recently!  Coral took the Challenge EVERY DAY this summer, and she just donated $168, which was a nickel per juggle! I am so thankful and blown away by her support!  Coral, you are AWESOME!!!!!

And check out nine-year-old Kane below. He juggled 523 times in a row!!!! He’s going to be  past my record in no time, I bet! His mom donated a nickel per juggle for him!

I hope you’ll tell your friends to do it, too! With just a few more people hearing about the Challenge or just wanting to donate to St. Jude, together we can get to $100,000 by the end of the summer!

My most recent juggles are here:

Day 37: 180 Juggles

Day 38: 414 Juggles

Thank you so much for your support!


Love this New Story on Fox @TheBuzzer! Plus: Less than $10,000 to go Till $100,000 for the Kids at St. Jude!

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.42.48 PM.pngI have been so lucky to have some really cool media coverage of Juggling for Jude lately. Here’s a really fun one from Fox Sports @TheBuzzer. I hope you like it, and maybe you or someone you know might be inspired by it to donate.

Also, I am so excited, because I have now raised more than $90,000 for St. Jude, thanks to so many very generous people. Less than $10,000 to go till I reach my summer goal of $100,000! I REALLY want to do it! If everyone reading this donates a little bit, it will happen!

Yesterday, I got 328 juggles. Today I had my FIRST day of school and then soccer practice. Back at it tomorrow!

Thank you SOOOOOO much for your support!


I had my First Live TV Interview!


Thanks so much to the awesome people at KTVU Fox Mornings on 2 for having me on their show yesterday! It was my first time on live television for Juggling for Jude, and I was nervous, but they made me feel very comfortable on set. Hopefully this will lead to more donations, so I can reach my goal of $100,000! Kids with cancer need our help!

After that I got to go hang with the San Jose Earthquakes Major League Soccer team at one of their practices–how cool is that? I’ll write more about that tomorrow!

Just click here if you want to support my mission to help the amazing doctors and scientists at St. Jude get rid of childhood cancer once and for all!

Thanks for your help!


Check out the Latest News Story: KTVU Bay Area People Covers Juggling for Jude!

I love when people take an interest in my story and put it out in the media world to help me spread the word about St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and my work to get more donations for the kids there who have cancer.

Click on either link below to see a great story on Juggling for Jude by reporter, Claudine Wong of KTVU-Fox 2. Thank you, Claudine, for showing your viewers how they can help Juggling for Jude!

Of course, if you want to donate, please do so now! JUST CLICK HERE. It takes ONE MINUTE to help save the life of  a child with cancer.

I’m REALLY hoping to reach $100,000 for kids with cancer by the end of August, so there’s a LOT of juggling to do and donations to get!

My past couple of juggles were quick–it’s been a really long week of soccer training camp and a tournament, and my body can really use a break!  I kept the past couple short and sweet, but I still got out there, because I know it’s for the kids at St. Jude! Every juggle counts, and every dollar counts!  My record of 1,646 still stands, and I know I don’t need a record every day to make a difference!

Day 32: 226 Juggles, Day 33: 189 JugglesDay 34: 108 Juggles.

Thank you so much for your support!