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I am available to speak about my experiences at Juggling for Jude, my mission to support the lifesaving work at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and how to inspire the next generation of philanthropists. I am passionate that fundraising at a young age can develop all sorts of life skills in young people, in addition to helping the cause at hand.

Here are some previous talks I have given, to both adults and children:

World Wide Women Girl’s Festival 2017 Main-Stage Speaker. There were some technical difficulties, so I had to hold a laptop, and some of the slides didn’t match with what was on the screen, but my message was loud and clear about St. Jude, giving back, and how meaningful charity work can prepare young people like me for real life!

Speech at Williams Sonoma, Inc. Leadership Conference August, 2017 (1,100 adults). No video to share, but the experience was a great one with this long-time corporate supporter of St. Jude!

Acceptance Speech at ALSAC/St. Jude 60th Anniversary Celebration for the Jerry Nicholson Award, June 2017.

The Ross School, June 2017. 

The Cove School, November 2016.

Worldwide Women Talk: Turning Passion into Action, October 2016.

Neil Cummins Elementary School, May 2016.

Please email allison@tjsgym.com to inquire about Hollis coming to speak to your audience.