Days 27 and 28: 128 and 151 Juggles. Plus An AMAZING gift from Ireland and a Reminder of why St. Jude is so Awesome!

hollisirelandjfjYesterday, right before I went out to juggle, something amazing came in the mail.  It was a package from a woman named Sandra, all the way from Ireland!  I’ve never met Sandra, but she’s a friend of my mom’s friend, Dr. Doug, and she has been seeing all about Juggling for Jude on Facebook.  Sandra sent a very generous donation to St. Jude, but she didn’t stop there.  She also sent me some special chocolates from Ireland and the nicest note of support I’ve received yet.  She told me at the end that I’ve “added and extra ray of sunshine” to the summer.  That made me smile and made my mom cry.  Thank you, Sandra!

Something else came in the mail right before my juggling. It was a magazine from St. Jude telling all about the amazing things they do there for kids with cancer.  There was a picture of a little baby with cancer, and I kept him in my mind as I juggled.  St. Jude is doing some really great things for sick kids and their families.  You should really see their website so you know just how special this hospital is.  Please donate if you can. Every bit helps!

Oh, and if you’re keeping track, I got 128 juggles yesterday and 151 juggles this morning at 8am before camp.  I’m learning that it’s really hard to juggle after a long day in 100-degree weather, so I got out there early today!

Thanks for your support, and keep thinking about the kids at St. Jude who need our help!



Days 25 and 26: 151 and 98 Juggles. Plus I’m Tired but Inspired!

FILLYFANjugglingOn Monday, I took the day off after my record juggle of 326 on Sunday. Yesterday I got 151 and today was only my second time under 100 since week one (I got 98).  I was at camp all day then had 3 hours of dance class. Then I went out to juggle, and the winds were so gusty I had to wait till later.  Plus, we all wanted to watch our amazing friend, Marcus Filly, compete in the second event at the CrossFit Games.  He was AWESOME to watch! I felt so inspired, so I decided to wear my mom’s FILLY FAN shirt while I juggled.  I got super hot, so I took it off, but not before my mom got this picture of me in it!  I’m sending all my good thoughts to Marcus.  He started the competition off with a lower finish than he wanted, but he’s already fighting back. I can relate to that, because I sometimes have to fight my frustration to get a higher juggle number.  Even when I’m super tired like today.  Tomorrow is another day of chances for me and Marcus, and I think we will do great! I know I’ll be cheering for him!

By the way, I’m getting close to the $11,000 mark for St. Jude Hospital!  This is so amazing!  My new goal is $20,000 by the end of August, and I think we can do it!  I’m going to keep juggling when I’m tired, because it’s the least I can do for the sick kids at St. Jude.  They need my help!

Please, please donate if you can, and tell all of your friends, especially if they love kids, or soccer, or the CrossFit Games, or sports, or helping other people, or just being nice people. That about covers everyone! 🙂

Thanks for the support!


Days 15 and 16: 101 and 178 Juggles. Plus a Boogie Board and a Donation from Some Really Nice People.

hollissurfing Quick juggling update before I head out to say goodbye to the beach and go to the airport: The day before yesterday was hard because the hotel was setting up tables for a wedding on my usual juggling spot.  I got 101.  Yesterday was better. I got 178 on my second try!

Afterwards, I walked over to get some homemade pancakes on the beach, and a nice girl a year older than me offered me to take this cool boogie board, since her vacation was ending.  Someone had given it to her when she got to Hawaii.  How cool is that?  I had my soccer ball with me, and it turns out that she plays soccer, too, and she also likes to juggle.  The adults she was with were so generous. I told them about Juggling for Jude, and they both took out $20 bills and gave them to my mom!  I was so happy!  Then, I ate my pancake and boogie boarded with my sister for hours.

It’s looking like we will pass the $7,000 mark today, which is so amazing.  We are only $70 short of that amount. Maybe your donation will put us over!  I can’t believe how much support I’ve gotten for this great cause.  The more I learn about St. Jude Hospital, the more I know my hard work is so important.

Thank you for your support, and keep telling your friends, because we have lots more money to raise!  You can donate here or pledge a per-juggle amount on my Facebook page by commenting on the page.  Every dollar helps a child with cancer get treatment for free!



Juggling for Jude Coming to you from Hawaii. Kids at St. Jude don’t Get Vacations from Cancer, so I’m Juggling During Mine.

HollisjugglingMauiI’ve never been to Hawaii before!  It’s amazing here!  I took the day off from juggling yesterday, because we traveled and I just wanted to settle in and swim when we arrived. I was back at it this morning, and after playing around on the beach, I was lucky to find a grassy spot near the water to get in a few tries. I got 114 (video here).  Not close to my record, but it was time to snorkel, and every bit helps, so that’s 114 more JUGGLES FOR JUDE!  I am thinking about the kids at St. Jude who don’t get to take a vacation from their cancer. This will keep me juggling every day for the rest of my time here, no matter how hot I get!

You may not believe this, but at the time that I am posting this blog, JUGGLING FOR JUDE has raised $5,385 for St. Jude Hospital!!!! How amazing is that?  I am so thankful for the support from everyone who has donated. Please keep telling your friends, so we can reach my goal of $15,000 by the end of August.  The kids need our help!!!!!!  You can donate here or pledge on my Facebook page!  THANK YOU!!!!!



Day One High Score: 94 Juggles (plus a few thoughts)


Yesterday was my first official day of Juggling for Jude.  We were pretty busy, and I was rushing to get the juggling done before some family came over to watch the USA World Cup soccer game against Portugal.  I only had a few minutes, and to be honest, I was pretty tired.  But, I knew it was important to get the juggling done.  My first few tries were rocky, but I know from experience that you have to stick with it and not get frustrated.  After a couple of smaller numbers, I got a good streak and hit 94. It’s not a record but I was fine with that for today. You can see the video here.

  I was thinking that even if I’m tired, there are kids with cancer who need my help. 

Then I went home and watched that USA soccer game–that was amazing, but I sure wish they had won! 

Thanks for your support, and don’t forget to donate now or pledge a per-juggle dollar amount on my Juggling for Jude Facebook page!  Please tell your friends and family, too!