Days 35 and 36: 59 and 133 Juggles (1st Time Over 100 Since I broke My Toe Dancing)! Plus: Mental Toughness, I’ll be on TV Again, and Go Washington Spirit!

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 12.25.40 PMYesterday we decided to just do one try and not push my toe too hard.  I got 59 on my first try and then stopped.  Today, I was feeling a little better, but I was having a hard time getting into any groove.  I am still focused on healing my toe.  Even though I really wanted to get a good number, I was a little frustrated and really had to think about how badly I wanted to do this for St. Jude.  I even felt really sad for a few minutes.  Then I gave it one last shot, and guess what?  I FINALLY got over 100 for the first time since I broke my toe!  I got 133. I was really tired but felt really happy.  I am learning so much about how important it is to stay positive and focused when things don’t come easily.

There was a family at the track who I know from school and it was pretty cool because they were out at the field trying to learn how to juggle because they had seen my videos and they were inspired.  That made me feel really good. I told them that I could remember when I could only do 12 juggles in a row. You have to start somewhere when you have a goal.

Speaking of goals, my goal is to raise $25,000 for St. Jude Hospital by juggling till the end of August.  Please, please, please DONATE NOW to help me reach my goal and to help the kids at St. Jude.  So far, I’ve raised more than $15,000, but that means I need a lot more.  This is such an amazing place.  Every bit helps!

Catch Juggling for Jude on tomorrow’s KTVU Fox Morning Show tomorrow (Sunday) on Bay Area TV between 7am and 10am (or on! And then my podcast with Jason Ackerman’s Squat Therapy Show will be online on Monday.  Hopefully the more I get on TV and other shows, the more people who will donate to St. Jude!

Thank you!


Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 12.31.06 PM

PS I’ll be rooting for YAEL AVERBUCH and the Washington Spirit in their game tonight! Yael is an amazing soccer player, and I am so thankful for her, since she made this video about Juggling for Jude!


Day 34: I Officially have a Broken Toe (Dance Injury). But, That’s not Going to Stop Juggling for Jude! Plus, if you Watch this St. Jude Video, you will Probably Donate!


I saw an orthopedist today, and it turns out that my toe is broken from my injury at dance camp.  That’s me giving thumbs up on the Dr. table, because the good news is that he said I can do whatever I want, as long as it’s not too painful.  I played soccer today at team training, but when I went out to juggle tonight it was hurting a little.  I did some warmups and even got up to 42 juggles, but then I decided it would be smart to stop so I didn’t make the pain worse.  You might be able to notice that I don’t look as smooth as I normally do.  I know if I rest a little, I’ll be able to come back stronger when I’m ready to go for my goal of 400 juggles!  And I need to be healthy for a tournament next weekend.

When we got home, my mom suggested that we spend the time I would have spent juggling to find a video about a patient at St. Jude so everyone can see where the donation money is going. I found this amazing video about a girl who is only a little younger than I am.  Her name is Yamila, and she came to St. Jude all the way from Puerto Rico.  St. Jude saved her life.  She said in the video something so sweet.  She said “St. Jude is my best friend. I never want to leave it.” You should really watch her story here!

I really hope you will watch this video and then donate to St. Jude.  Please go to my donation page here and give whatever amount you can.  I really promise that every bit helps the kids like Yamila.  Please help save a life today!

Thank you for your support, and be sure to check my blog again before the weekend, because I think I’m going to be on TV again!



It was a Big Week! I was on ABC News! Plus: My Foot is Getting Better, and New Goal of $25,000 for St. Jude Hospital!


Lots to talk about! The biggest thing is my foot is getting better.  I have soccer training this week, so it’s important that my foot is better. I will try to juggle this afternoon. I’m excited to get back at it.  During the past few days that I didn’t juggle that much, we have still been really busy with Juggling for Jude stuff.

1. I was on ABC TV News!  It was so fun. The news truck parked in my driveway and then we did an interview and went out to the field. I was able to juggle just enough for the cameraman to get enough footage. In case you missed it, you can watch my story here.  It was fun to be on TV, but by far the best part about all of this is that more people will find out about JUGGLING FOR JUDE, which means more people will HOPEFULLY donate to St. Jude Hospital.

2.  My parents and I made this video (it’s also on the top of my blog today) explaining all about Juggling for Jude and how people can help. If you want to help, you can just share this video with people you know!

3.  I made a new goal of raising $25,000 for the kids at St. Jude by the end of August!  I know that might sound crazy, but when I first started this and said $15,000, a lot of people thought that was crazy, too.  I have now raised almost $15,000 already (checks haven’t been recorded yet)!  You never know until you try!  Thanks for all of the support so far, and please donate here if you can.  Also, please “like” my Facebook page so we can get more people to see it!

St. Jude Hospital is the best!!!!



Days 15 and 16: 101 and 178 Juggles. Plus a Boogie Board and a Donation from Some Really Nice People.

hollissurfing Quick juggling update before I head out to say goodbye to the beach and go to the airport: The day before yesterday was hard because the hotel was setting up tables for a wedding on my usual juggling spot.  I got 101.  Yesterday was better. I got 178 on my second try!

Afterwards, I walked over to get some homemade pancakes on the beach, and a nice girl a year older than me offered me to take this cool boogie board, since her vacation was ending.  Someone had given it to her when she got to Hawaii.  How cool is that?  I had my soccer ball with me, and it turns out that she plays soccer, too, and she also likes to juggle.  The adults she was with were so generous. I told them about Juggling for Jude, and they both took out $20 bills and gave them to my mom!  I was so happy!  Then, I ate my pancake and boogie boarded with my sister for hours.

It’s looking like we will pass the $7,000 mark today, which is so amazing.  We are only $70 short of that amount. Maybe your donation will put us over!  I can’t believe how much support I’ve gotten for this great cause.  The more I learn about St. Jude Hospital, the more I know my hard work is so important.

Thank you for your support, and keep telling your friends, because we have lots more money to raise!  You can donate here or pledge a per-juggle amount on my Facebook page by commenting on the page.  Every dollar helps a child with cancer get treatment for free!